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Follow your dreams. Do what you love. Think BIG. In the day of social media, we’re bombarded with messages of inspiration daily. It’s one thing to tweet and Instagram about it but how many of us TRULY live it? Allow me to introduce you to my lovely friend, Ashaki. As a Harlem triple threat by way of Chicago, this talented lady has everything it takes to soar as an artist – the gift of song, an angelic voice, the ability to cut a rug like no other, tons of optimism, and last but not least, timeless beauty. The only thing missing from this equation would be funding and as Wu-Tang so eloquently stated in the 90’s, “cash rules everything around me.”

Thanks to the brilliance of Kickstarter, independent artists like Ashaki are raising money to support their creative projects. Since the crowd-sourcing site’s launch just a couple years back, you’ve seen me post about several of my friend’s fundraising campaigns (which reached their goals). Today, I ask you to check out Ashaki’s Kickstarter video to learn more about her journey and if the spirit moves you, show this talented songbird some love as she prepares to release her second album. There are just 25 days left to help Ashaki reach her goal. Click here to support today!




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