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MODAHNIK Spring 2014

MODAHNIK is partnering with MamAfrica, a not-for-profit organization based in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo that exists to provide healing arts programs, education and economic opportunity for my countrywomen. To fund this partnership, the brand launched a Kickstarter campaign a couple weeks ago that has already reached over 10% of its goal. Supporters will create sustainable employment for the “Mamas” and provide them with resources so that they can support their families and become independent.

MODAHNIK founder, Kahindo Mateene, realizes how it could have been her. As such, she wants to act as their conduit to use her designs and patterns to create fair trade jobs so that Congolese women can support themselves and their families by making these clutches. She truly believes that sustainable jobs in Africa are the key to not only alleviating poverty, but also empowering women. Please join Kahindo in creating “products with a purpose” with the Mamas of MamAfrica. Following is the Chicago-based designer’s video detailing their Kickstarter campaign and how you can get involved:

To learn more about MODAHNIK please visit

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