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If you’ve been reading In Her Shoes for a while, you know that I frequently blog about what I’m currently crushing on. The focus of these posts range from people, to movements, to fashion and technology but today, I’m crushing on the appropriately titled web series Girl Crush. Created by the brilliant Jodie Patterson, founder of Georgia, Girl Crush explores the “activity of being beautiful –  from the inside out – and the women who’ve nailed it.” In a world obsessed with outer appearance, it’s refreshing to see unconventional conversations like these where we’re reminded that the definition of beauty is subjective but, no matter how one defines it, beauty can only be skin deep.

I’ve been crushing on this web series for a while now and want you to get in on this love fest, too. Check it today and be inspired!

To learn more about Jodie Patterson and Girl Crush click here.


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