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Juggling Career & Motherhood: Tips From 10 Mompreneurs

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Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot of work. Just like being a mom. So why would any sane person become a mompreneur and do both? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be sane, but you DO have to be focused and committed. That’s why these 10 brilliant and successful women are sharing their top 10 mompreneur tips with you. Here’s our countdown:

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1. Jodie Patterson, co-founder of , founder of Georgia and mother of 5, says you have to encourage diversity of thought in your home:

“I use my intuition to raise thoughtful kids. I sense what’s brewing inside of each and I bring that out. I encourage diversity of thought in my home, allowing for open, honest and respectful conversations around different ideas and feelings to be discussed amongst the kids. It mirrors the real world. It takes away the tension. It equips children with the ability to face diversity without getting rattled. It encourages respect. Beauty is what bubbles and pops inside of us. It’s my job to find out what that is in each of my kids!”

Christina Brown

2. Christina Brown, the voice behind and mother of 1, encourages women to prioritize and re-prioritize your to-do’s daily:

“As a mom, your baby always comes first, so making a habit of putting together a prioritized tasklist every morning is important. You will undoubtedly have to put a conference call or a business meeting on hold for a sick visit at the doctor, but that’s OK. Your role as mom is always at the top of the list.”


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3. Nadia Lopez, founder of the Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn and mother of 1, says that you have to be prepared to ask, believe and receive:

“My advice to moms and women and general is this: first you must believe in yourself. Then, get a journal and write down your vision along with the steps you need to take. Surround yourself with people who will inspire, educate and support you.”

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4. Kitiya Mischo King, creator of Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer and mother of 1, stresses the importance of deciding and committing:

“My advice for mompreneurs is to first make a commitment. Then take action and stay focused, and hang on tight for the roller coaster ride to come. It’s important to keep pushing through during the good and tough times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because you will need it.”

Lorraine West

5. Lorraine West, the creator of  Lorraine West jewelry, learned that it’s important to nurture yourself daily:

“Make sure to carve out time to meditate, journal, read, exercise, and eat healthy to stay on your ‘A’ game. Continue to refill your cup of nurture to self after you serve it to those wonderful children, husbands and clients of yours. Oh, and don’t forget to dry clean your cape after saving the day!”

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6. Helen Williams Nurse of Tracy Chambers Vintage and mother of 3, likes to start ’em young:

“Involve your children in your business if possible to let them see your work and assist with certain tasks, even if it’s shredding papers. This way, they’ll understand the process and won’t become a distraction but a great help.”

Tia Williams

7. Tia Williams of Shake Your Beauty and mother of 1, stresses the importance of self-care:

“As a working mom, every minute of your day is spent catering to someone/something that’s not you (kicking ass in your career, keeping a 6-year-old alive, etc.). My advice? Treat yourself well. Keep the standing facial appointment. Book the highlights. Pamper yourself! If you don’t, who will? Feeling fabulous keeps you sane…and perky.”

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8. Candace Montgomery, founder of and mother of 3, believes that planning is the way to go:

“Create a 6-12 month plan. Write out the goals and necessary steps to achieve those goals. Having this document to refer to helps to keep you on track, especially if you are busy with kids, career and family. It can act as an agreement with yourself to chart your success.”

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9.  Autumn Merritt, co-founder of Chicago’s, Sir and Madame boutique and mother of 2, encourages women to celebrate their individuality:

“It’s important that you maintain the ability to be an individual outside of being a mother and entrepreneur. You have to set aside the time to reset, collect your thoughts and enjoy your life with friends and your spouse. That balance impacts the relationship with your kids greatly. They get to witness all aspects of your being and at the same time, you value their individuality and time spent with them so much more.”

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10. Yolanda Renee of and mother of 2, realizes that scheduling can make or break a mompreneur’s productivity:

“As a mompreneur, your schedule will be your best friend. Set working hours and spend even more time being a mommy. When I decide to work overtime I do so while they are asleep, visiting family, or while they’re playing at the park, etc. The quality time you’re spending with them should be just that. Luckily, my girls are apart of my brand so we work together as well. Don’t be afraid to let your children assist so you can enjoy quality time while they’re learning.”

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the mothers, mother-figures, soon-to-be and aspiring moms in the world. We appreciate, love and cherish you! 





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