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Myleik Teele’s 13 Technology Must-Haves for 2013

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Myleik Teele

Let’s face it, in today’s digital world you’ve GOT to be armed with the right gadgets to get the job done. As the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of curlBOX, Myleik Teele has singlehandedly built her brand in the digital space. From Instagram to Twitter and Facebook, this PR maven-turned-beautypreneur knows just about every trick of the trade and uses the hottest gadgets and apps on the market to keep her brand top of mind. Myleik understands that every consumer touch point provides an opportunity to build your brand and takes full advantage of each opportunity to foster trust online through authenticity, dialogue and innovation. Ready to expand your business quickly and efficiently through tech and rock out in the process? Settle in as the beauty and brains behind the curlBOX brand shares her top 13 technology must-haves for 2013:

1. iPhone
I’ve had a Blackberry and a Galaxy phone and I just feel like I can make moves a WHOLE lot faster with an iPhone. Being able to screenshot has been a one of the most utilized tools for my business. I have two iPhones and can’t imagine running curlBOX without them.

2. Mophie iPhone Battery Case
I do the majority of my business on my cell phone, whether I’m using it to talk, text, email, tweet or Instagram, so that means my battery is constantly being drained. The Mophie case give me a lifeline when I need a little charge.

3. MyCharge Summit 3000
Again, my phone is where I do most of my business so I really can’t afford to have it not work. I travel a ton so it’s very easy to lose a charge when you’re constantly on the go. I carry this in my purse and it gives me about three full charges while I’m out. Worth every penny!

4. Apple Magic Track Pad
I’ve gotten SO used to working on a laptop that the thought of using a mouse is just foreign to me. I’d say that I do the majority of my work on my desktop in my office and I absolutely love the magic track pad to get around fast. Feels just like a laptop!

5. MacBook Pro
Speaking of laptops, there’s just no way you can truly function without one these days. I always take my MacBook on the road with me and I even sleep with it under my bed so that I won’t step on it when I go to grab it in the wee hours of the morning when the “work” spirit hits me.

6. Beats By Dre Mixr
I LOVE music and never travel without my Beats. I love the sound quality and sometimes it’s just nice to tune out the world and bump my music. My favorite thing to play on them is LL Cool J’s Around The Way Girl. Sounds amazing!

7. Canon EOS Rebel T3
The curlBOX crew asked me to do videos on WHY we choose the products that we do so I use this to record my videos. I don’t edit them (because it just seems so complex) but this is a fab camera to get the job done.

8. Apple TV
It’s rare that I ever get to see anything while it’s “out” or “on” so whenever I have down time I use this to either rent a movie or watch Youtube videos on my TV. Nothing like watching a curlBOX review on the big screen!

9. LG Tone Wireless Stereo Headset
When I can remember to CHARGE these, they’re the best thing since sliced bread. You can effortlessly go between music and calls so they’re amazing when you’re working out.

10. MicroJuice Dual USB Wall Charger with iGo Cable
I never travel without this charger. It allows me to charge two phones at the same time in one plug.

11. Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
I always keep two of these with me because I will always lose or leave one somewhere. I HAVE to have these because I really DO NOT like having the phone up to my ear (ever) and while I can remember to charge everything else, I seem to always forget to charge my bluetooth so, these earpods are very much a part of my life.

12. Spotify
I listen to music ALL day long, whether I’m sitting at my desk or driving to a meeting. I pay $10 a month to be able to listen to WHATEVER I want on any of my devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone). This is the most amazing thing EVER!

13. Uber
I love this app for incredibly efficient, yet inexpensive car service. It doesn’t matter what city I’m in, I know that I always have a ride at my fingertips. I simply hit the app on my iPhone and it lets me know how close a car is to me. No cash is exchanged so you don’t even have to worry about tipping. I’ve used it regularly ever since they landed in Atlanta.

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