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Inspired by: Myleik Teele x Hyundai Smarter Living

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How many of you realize that “no” is a full sentence? I’ll wait…

As women, being a nurturer and looking out for everyone is just who we are and what we do. It’s what makes us special (I mean, how else can you be a good mom?), but in some cases, it’s the bane of our existence. Today, I’m inspired by curlBOX founder Myleik Teele’s recent partnership with Hyundai titled “Smarter Living.” In this YouTube video feature, Myleik drops jewels on how she strives to live smarter while running one of the fastest growing brown girl beauty start ups.

“…As you become more successful, what you say no to is just as important as what you say yes to.” – Myleik Teele: Chief Experience Officer, curlBOX

Check out the full video and be inspired!





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