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Did you know that Myleik Teele, the beauty behind curlBOX, recently launched her personal site? Created as a supplement to all the jewels and wisdom the beautypreneur shares on social media, is truly a one-stop-shop for all things encouraging and inspiring:

“Growing up, I had no blueprint for success. There was no one who looked like me to show me the ropes, so I vowed that if I ever became successful, I would help others. is an inspiring space for young, multicultural women. This is a truthful, honest space where I’m going to delve out my best advice, quotes, stories and podcasts for YOU! Some women have no idea how to navigate office politics. You will learn that here. Some women haven’t mastered their style. You will learn that here. Some women don’t have a mentor to encourage them to follow their dreams. You will GET that here. Thanks for visiting. Let the journey begin.”

– Myleik Teele, Chief Experience Office, curlBOX

I’ve been perusing the site, loving the content and recommending it to just about every woman I know. Chock-full of upliftment and Fly Female Entrepreneur realness, Myleik’s new online home is just what you’ll need to remain motivated in your entrepreneurial journey, even when you’re ready to call it quits. Trust me, there are plenty more, but following are my top 5 reasons to love Everyone can appreciate a strong, motivational quote and these pack a powerful punch:

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To learn more about Myleik Teele visit or!

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