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(L-R) Kim Roxie of LAMIK Beauty & Quiana Cordé of barazzo®

Remember the feisty and thought-provoking Kim Roxie from my “Beauties & Brains Behind the Brands” event earlier this month? The beautypreneur is at it again with a new LAMIK Beauty partnership she just couldn’t wait to share with In Her Shoes.

Blending the unique Eco-chic brands of LAMIK Beauty and barazzo®, Fly Female Entrepreneurs Kim Roxie and Quiana Cordé have joined forces to create an environmentally friendly Let’s Makeup Girlfriends Bag!

“I want us to be an example to other girlfriends that we can get together for dinner, a makeup class, or a business deal!” states Kim Roxie, Creative Designer for LAMIK Beauty.

The Let’s Makeup Girlfriend Bag is a perfect eco-chic gift and accessory for your BFF, sister, or group of girlfriends and is ideal for all ages. The Let’s Makeup Girlfriend Bag includes three LAMIK Limited Edition Healthy Lip glosses packaged in a platinum naturally hand milled leather product by barazzo® which is not only fashion forward but a multi-functional accessory.

These two brands have made the environment and women’s health the forefront of their brands. The LAMIK mantra, “Beauty is revealed, not applied” declares the uniqueness of this brand’s belief, that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty, or your beauty for your health! The makeup line is paraben and fragrance free, mostly packaged in post recycled paper components, and manufactured in the USA.

Click here to celebrate the bonds with the women in your life with a “Let’s Makeup Girlfriends” bag today!


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