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Fly Female Entrepreneur: Kim Roxie

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Just in time for the start of summer, Kim Roxie of LAMIK shares her beauty philosophy, tips on staying innovative, and the inside scoop on launching the first Black-owned eco-chic product line to be placed in Macy’s!

In Her Shoes: Developing the first eco-chic make up brand is major! What tips would you give fellow entrepreneurs trying to remain innovative?

Kim: I would encourage fellow entrepreneurs to recognize new fresh ideas and execute them. You can’t be so afraid to get some things right or if your ideas are so far left people don’t understand, that’s innovation! Do what you believe your purpose is and it will work out. Think outside of the box. When you see a need for something, or see the way things are going and you have a better way of doing it, start a business to accommodate and use technology to stay ahead. Traveling is a great way to get inspiration and understand human behavior.

In Her Shoes: When did you realize your love for cosmetics was the blueprint for your successful career?

Kim: My mom is a person that’s in love makeup; it’s in my DNA! However, it was a love for women to give them a better solution for cosmetics. I saw too many women in pain when buying makeup, confused about what to buy and not getting what they needed. I knew I had to redefine the purpose of makeup and LAMIK has been redefining that purpose for makeup; it’s a movement.

In Her Shoes: Congrats on your partnership with Macy’s! Tell us a little bit about how this came to life:

Kim: I attended The Workshop at Macy’s program which aims to nurture and grow the next generation of minority and women owned retail business talent. For additional information, check out to learn more about the program.

In Her Shoes: What’s a day like in Kim Roxie’s shoes?

Kim: Oh wow! A day in the life of Kim Roxie is like TV, you’ve got to stay tuned. Just to give you a teaser, Kim Roxie can be found in her lab, on the cosmetic floor revealing the beauty on a LAMIK customer, at NY Fashion Week creating a look or in her office as the creative director leading LAMIK in the direction of innovating ideas, taping a television program providing beauty advice or in the community revealing the Beauty of women inside and outside.

In Her Shoes: People often forget about health when dealing with cosmetics, how has creating an eco-friendly line highlighted the importance of safe and natural beauty products?

Kim: It’s highlighted by helping women make a more conscious decision about what they are putting on their face. LAMIK has empowered women when it comes to what they put on their face and it’s making them a more conscious shopper. It shows that women’s purchasing patterns are changing. LAMIK believes you don’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty or your beauty so make the better choice to Look LAMIK.

In Her Shoes: LAMIK means the philosophy of beauty, what is your philosophy when it comes to embracing your individual beauty?

Kim: LAMIK is an acronym Love And Makeup In Kindness. At LAMIK our mantra is Beauty is Revealed not Applied.

In Her Shoes: What new products can we look forward to from LAMIK for Summer 2012?

Kim: We are highlighting our Sunny Eye Décor! In case you didn’t know it ladies, Yellow is the new neutral. We are also highlighting our Island Breeze Eye Décor which is getting you ready for your vacation! And our Golden Eye Décor which you can put on your cheeks and wear it as a bronzer as well!

For additional information on LAMIK Beauty visit or follow Kim on Twitter by clicking here!


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