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Fly Female Entrepreneurs x Small Business Saturday

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So it’s the day after Thanksgiving and many of you are either recovering from a turkey-induced coma or out taking advantage of the Black Friday sales. Definitely not knocking the mass retailer’s hustle, but while you’re helping the large corporations get larger, don’t forget about the smaller businesses in your area. Local brands need love too…and lots of it! For many smaller stores, it’s do or die time so let’s do our part to support the hearts of our communities. Here are a few small businesses I think you should check out tomorrow on Small Business Saturday. Oh, and they just so happen to be owned by Fly Female Entrepreneurs. Does it get any better than this? I think not. Ready, set, shop!

Hair by Tippi Shorter

Healthy, full, fabulous hair starts with YOU. HAIR by Tippi SHORTER is beautiful hair care in a bottle. HAIR by Tippi SHORTER offers shampoos, conditioners, luxe sprays, and smoothing styling products that nourish hair without the heavy oils and sulphates often found in hair care products. HAIR by Tippi SHORTER focuses on getting hair to its healthiest and making it easy to style for everyone, the secret being the infusion of super ingredients like, Argan oil, Shea and Sea kelp and Wheat protein. These super ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A, E and keratin protein that repair damaged hair, protect thick, course, chemically treated, or dry hair from environmental stress and restore elasticity. All HAIR by Tippi SHORTER products are sulfate and sodium chloride free. You can rest assured that with HAIR by Tippi SHORTER products you are one-step closer to bringing the salon experience right to your home.

Found Objects

“Through my work I am able to channel my rebellious and creative energies in to a quest to continually refine my eye for style and feed my appetite for anomalous fashion and innovation. In my designs, I strive to find the perfect balance of trend and timelessness, fluidity and structure, symmetry and contrast, colors and textures, size and weight. My aim is to find ordinary objects and morph them into extraordinary yet classic pieces of wearable art. My hope is that my designs convey a seamless combination of sophistication, elegance and fearless street style. When a woman wears ‘Found Objects’ I want her to exude confidence, grace and femininity paired with playful originality.”

– Angelica Callanta: owner, Found Objects

Sir & Madame

938 North Damen Avenue (Chicago, Illinois) or

Formerly Solemates…Chicago, Sir & Madame is a men’s & women’s boutique and lifestyle brand, spawned from the husband and wife team, Brian and Autumn Merritt .  The offerings are a full representation of the couple -no filler. Inspired by all things vintage, the couple strives to build their brand around classic with a twist. To learn more about the beauty behind this brand, check out Autumn Merrit’s Fly Female Entrepreneur interview here on In Her Shoes.

Polish Bar of Brooklyn

470 Myrtle Avenue (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn) and 641 Vanderbilt Avenue (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn) or

Founded in 2006, Polish Bar of Brooklyn is the borough’s first ever beauty and nail bar. With locations in Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill, Polish Bar of Brooklyn prides itself on providing clients with an opportunity to indulge in beauty and trend in a welcoming,cozy environment. Owner Tricia Lee, a former MAC Cosmetics artist and business manager, leads a team of makeup pros and nail techs that offer five star services to impress even the most discriminating beauty maven. Recipient of New York State’s Small Business Award in 2007, the beauty hot spot continues to set industry trends with head-turning manicures, pedicures, makeup services, waxing, lash application, and eyebrow shaping.

DLux Boutique

21-A N.Dean Street (Englewood, New Jersey) or

“Our job is to provide beautiful attainable product from a carefully hand-picked assortment of both well known and up and coming designers. I have worked in the fashion industry for over 11 years from retail sales, corporate associate buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue; to wholesale sales executive for top celebrity brands; to where I am today as co-owner and buyer for DLux. I shop every store at every level to better understand design aesthetic, shopping experience, product, and customer service.”

– Dorian Grace: Owner, DLux Boutique

Peace Images Jewelry

“My work is influenced by my world views and experiences, as both an African, a woman (in America) and a revolutionary. My work is meant to uplift and reinforce natural beauty and cultural differences. To not create in line with my purpose would be akin to failure. I love what I do, have been doing it for 2.5 years, and plan on doing it until the Universe sees fit for me to progress on to something bigger and better.”

– Camille Peace: owner, Peace Images

GoodieBox Bake Shop

GoodieBox Bakeshop, a boutique online bakery that delivers fresh baked home-style goodies straight to your doorstep. Celebrate the simple pleasures of the great American classics of baked goods! GoodieBox Bake Shop is owned by Carrie Spindler-Jaffier and is currently serving Manhattan and Hudson County, New Jersey.

Effie’s Paper

Stationery is a part of Kalyn’s Johnson Chandler’s DNA, not only was it a childhood obsession – her grandmother and company namesake, Mrs. Effie Hayes, who worked at Michigan’s Mitchell’s Greeting Card Company many years ago, was the one who introduced Kalyn to the notion of having her own personal stash of stationery for just about any occasion. effie’s paper offers a line of fine stationery that will satisfy the needs of today’s busy professional, mom or social butterfly; it’s created for those who enjoy sending and receiving beautifully-designed, hand-written notes.

Oyin Handmade

2103 North Charles Street (Baltimore, Maryland) or

“We are a family-owned company, named after the Yoruba word for ‘honey’ – one of nature’s most versatile beauty products! Honey has been used for centuries to not only soften and cleanse, but to also tone and hydrate the skin. It softens and moisturizes skin and as a humectant, helps skin to retain water. Honey dissolved in water is an excellent moisturizer, so we find it perfect for bath, skin and hair care products. Honey and beeswax both have a soothing effect on the most sensitive of skins.”

– Oyin Handmade

August Bloom Florals

Custom, high quality arrangements inspired by fashion, art and beauty. August Bloom loves to use luxurious accents like satin, lace, feathers, and bling…or industrial touches like rocks, metal studs, and wire.

August Bloom aims for a unique interpretation that will leave your family, friends and colleagues in awe after your event. Their arrangements are art in floral form; they invoke emotion and push the envelope a little closer to the edge with each stem.


As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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