Salon du Shine: Bethann Hardison

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When I received the email stating that Bethann Hardison, yes THE Bethann Hardison, would be our guest for last week’s Salon du Shine I immediately dropped all previous plans. The fly female entrepreneur, former model, writer, agent and all-around fashion maven blessed us with priceless “sugar free” wisdom we won’t soon forget. The three hour conversation was an engaging and highly entertaining one from start to finish. Being the straight-no-chaser beauty that she is, Bethann made it very clear that she didn’t want to “just talk” because she was much more interested in us and what we wanted to know about her journey.

In an intimate Salon du Shine discussion Bethann opened up about her humble beginnings, being a young mom (LOVED her son Kadeem Hardison in A Different World!), her introduction to the apparel industry, and where she is today as Editor-at-Large for Vogue Italia. Despite her no-holds-barred approach to life, Bethann is truly a humble soul, not once mentioning that she was the force behind some of the most talented models in the game including Tyson, Iman and Naomi. Following are a few nuggets she shared with us on never giving up, the inspiration behind her modeling agency, and taking care of her temple:

“When you think you really want something and it doesn’t happen, it’s because something bigger and better is waiting for you.”

“Sometimes you have to come through the back door. Get guerilla on ’em!”

“I started my business because I was presented the opportunity and didn’t want to ruin it for the next person…”

“It’s important to THINK thin! I take care of my body through meditation, cardiovascular work and detoxification.”

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