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Out About Town: FNO ’09

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So lastnight’s Fashion’s Night Out event at Pieces of Brooklyn was just what I needed to kick Fashion Week off properly. Congrats to Colin, Latisha and team for producing such an awesome experience! It was great to see so many beautiful & stylish people come out in the name of Brooklyn fashion. The boutique was packed wall-to-wall with fashion mavens and fly guys. The love and energy in the room was beautiful and I walked away so inspired by all of the creators I met – apparel, jewelry, handbag designers, and more! I could totally bore you with a long-winded recap or simply get to the point and start sharing photos. I think I’ll choose the latter. Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Latisha Daring: Pieces Boutique & Renae B.: In Her Shoes

Kellia Keberro: Designer, Kebero

Nkrumah: Anu Rock & Metal Jewelry

Ouigi Theodore: BK Circus

Latisha Daring

Latisha, Arlene & Renae

Latisha Daring & Lea Byrd

Karen’s Body Beautiful’s $100 Spa Treatment Drawing

Latisha Daring & Karen Tappin-Saunderson

Crysal Haylett: Elly Clay Handbags

Colin Daring & Friend

Latisha, Karen & Renae

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