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Ones to Watch: Funky Fanny’s

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(L-R) Foxy Fanny (Kimm), Ferocious Fanny (Amber), The Funky Fanny (Serci) and Feisty Fanny (Manushka)

Membership has its priviledges. Membership in the shopaholics anonymous group that is. After receiving an enticing email from the Funky Fanny’s crew about last weekend’s private “invite only” sale, I dropped my pending Sunday afternoon plans to get my vintage fix.

Vintage patchwork leather skirt: Funky Fanny’s

A couple glasses of wine, a brag-worthy purchase and countless laughs later, I realized that this trip to Funky Fanny’s Vintage Wonderland was just what the doctor ordered.

Vintage sweatshirt: Funky Fanny’s

Just in case you’re not familiar, Funky Fanny’s is a collective of some of the cutest, spunkiest, and most style-savvy women you’ll ever meet. Always on their grind, Team Funky Fanny’s can be found every Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea and all around the entertainment industry working with stylists for film, television, editorial and celebrity placement. They understand that scouring the globe for delicious vintage finds can be a dirty job. They do the work so their customers don’t have to!

Serci, better known as the H.F.I.C. (Head Fanny in Charge), took time away from her Vintage Wonderland festivities to chat with In Her Shoes about the inspiration behind her brand:

Serci of Funky Fanny’s from Renae Bluitt on Vimeo.

She was also generous enough to share a few priceless tips for those who would love to integrate vintage into their wardrobes but don’t know where to begin:
1) Mix it up

Pair your vintage finds with your modern wardrobe. It’s a great way to stay on trend of what’s hot “now” and incorporate what was hot “then.” Take your favorite dress for example and throw a vintage blazer on over it for a whole new look.

2) Accessories are a girl’s best friend

Try out some accessories for a walk on the vintage side! Jewelry, belts, hats, purses…the options are limitless! Incorporating vintage accessories is a great way to jazz up an outfit and to build your vintage collection. Customize signature looks around your favorite accessories.

3) Practice makes perfect

Try, try, and try again! All viintage from head to toe can be “costumey” if not done properly. Try on pieces and experiment. Knowing what works best on your body type is an excellent way to determine what decades will work best for you. Not sure? Research and learn more about vintage styles in the process for fashion wins all around!

4) Invest in a great tailor

Modern sizing makes it easier to pick up a clothing piece off the rack and know whether or not it will fit. Vintage sizes and modern sizes are not the same. Don’t give up on that gorgeous vintage dress if it’s a bit too big. Invest in a great tailor to customize it to fit you. A few extra dollars to wear a piece of history is worth it!

Make a sound investment

Vintage pieces are “pre-loved” so with that sometimes comes wear and tear. Pay close attention to signs of aging, fading, stains, and overall damage. There’s nothing worse than finding a vintage piece, buying it, and realizing that it’s too damaged to wear. Invest in pieces that have stood the test of time. Longer wearability is a sound investment in your wardrobe.

6) Rock it your way

Nothing says “instant style” like a lady who isn’t afraid to step outside of the box. Have fun with vintage! Don’t be afraid to rock that vintage tutu and sneakers or that classic sheath with vintage pumps. Rock it your way for instant confidence..and SMILE! A smile makes everything look better!

Check out the team’s blog for the “Funky Fanny’s Tip of the Day” and more great vintage wisdom by visiting To follow the Funky Fanny’s posse on Twitter click here!

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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