Inspired by: The curlBOX Documentary

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Myleik Teele: Chief Experience Officer, curlBOX

Ever know someone or some thing for a short time but it seems like they’ve been around forever? That’s how I feel about curlBOX and its founder, Miss Myleik Teele. While curlBOX is currently a staple in the world of brown girl beauty, this innovative brand has only been in existence for 12 short, yet very productive months! To mark the one year anniversary of her curlBOX baby, Myleik Teele produced a video documenting her journey that’s BEYOND inspiring. Take a peek when you have a few minutes to spare and trust me, you’ll be ready to conquer the world. CONGRATS on a successful first year in business, Myleik. Here’s to many, many more!

*Spoiler alert: grab a box of Kleenex before you hit that play button. Tears will be shed…



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