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I Love My Hair Workshop

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After 10 years of blessing us with the hot “I Love My Hair” t-shirts (pictured above), Kissa Thompson was inspired to reinvent the very well-received concept through an interactive workshop series for children. Her goal for the workshops is to empower our youth with information, guidance and support for rocking their natural hair, something that many of her customers admittedly didn’t experience while growing up.

Kissa Thompson, Buttafly Unlimited

“My hope is that as these children becomes adults, they will never use negative words such has hate, difficult or hard to manage when describing their hair. I want to create a legacy of pride and healthy hair care tips that will be passed on for generations,” said “I Love My Hair” workshop creator and founder of Buttafly Unlimited, Kissa Thompson.

While I may be slightly biased (I am natural, after all), I’ve never been a hard core anti-relaxer chic. To each his own. I can appreciate the diversity of my culture’s style when it comes to our tresses and applaud Kissa’s commitment to instilling self love. Many of us get so caught up in sporting weaves that we forget to take care of what lies beneath. As a result, we send the wrong message to our young girls, which is that your own God-given hair and texture just isn’t good enough.

Mali Dada, host of the “I Love My Hair” workshop and head of the class

Here’s what this Saturday’s intro workshop for parents and children ages 5-12 has to offer:

  • Learn to love your hair
  • Understanding your child’s hair type and how to manage it
  • Empower parent and child with natural haircare tips and products for their hair type
  • Q & A with guest speakers
  • Parents and children create personalized “I Love My Hair” shirts with their own statements

Workshop speakers include:

Anu Prestonia, President of Khamit Kinks

Gisselle Singleton, Owner of Felicity Children’s Salon

As if this event wasn’t awesome enough, there’s more. Admission into the “I Love My Hair” workshop is complimentary. Yes, free! Workshop participants were selected by parents submitting a photo of their child’s favorite hairstyle and a statement on why they love their hair.

The word about this beautiful event spread like wildfire so while I’d love to invite In Her Shoes readers out to attend the workshop, registration is currently closed. Don’t fret though because there’s still an opportunity for you to support the cause. If you’d like to come out to purchase one of Kissa’s recently restocked “I Love My Hair” tees you’re in luck! Buttafly Unlimited will have a booth set up from 12-7 p.m. on November 20th at the following address:

Harlem Pop Studio, 2nd Floor

2037 Fifth Avenue (corner of 126th)

New York, NY

Stay on the lookout for updates on forthcoming “I Love My Hair” workshops as I’m sure this will be the first of many!

Kudos to Kissa for taking a concept she’s been working for a decade now and breathing new life into it to educate, uplift and empower our youth!

For additional information on Kissa Thompson and her “I Love My Hair” movement click here!

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