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“Good Hair” Rocks On…

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Although Chris Rock’s much debated documentary, “Good Hair,” has been in theaters for weeks now, it continues to be a hot topic among women of all shapes, sizes and colors from Brooklyn to The Bay. Wednesday night, Time Inc.’s BE@T organization hosted a panel discussion on “Good Hair” featuring Michaela Angela Davis (Salon Du Shine), Tia Williams (Shake Your Beauty), Tippi Shorter (Celebrity Stylist) and award-winning author and journalist, Farai Chideya.

Moderated by ESSENCE Magazine’s Beauty Editor, Pamela Edwards Christiani, the discussion evoked a wide range of emotions that many may not even associate with hair: envy, frustration, love, pride, confusion, power, and even anger. Time Inc’s “Good Hair” panelists provided a vehicle for honest dialogue, laughter and more importantly, healing.

Following are a few pics and soundbites from the thought-provoking discussion:

*The quotes are shared at random & don’t necessarily belong to the person in the pics above or below them…

(L-R) Farai Chideya, Pamela Edwards Christiani, Tia Williams, Tippi Shorter, and Michaela Angela Davis

(L-R) Pamela Edwards Christiana, Tia Williams

“Hair loss among black women is an epidemic right now, particularly among young girls.”

Tia Williams

“Hair is to black women what weight is to white women.”

Michaela Angela Davis

“Hair is like religion. We all make different choices and we must respect each other’s choices. It’s that personal and that emotional!”

“My belief is that the chemical itself is not causing the problems, it’s the application – chemical error.”

(L-R) Farai Chideya, Pamela Edwards Christiani

“In my salon, no one under 15 could get a relaxer!”

“Most of us are looking for love but will settle for attention.”

“I get my company’s hair for weaves directly from Indian WOMEN distributors and the temple puts money back into their community.”

(L-R) Tia Williams, Tippi Shorter, Renae Bluitt, Michaela Angela Davis

“Some of this stuff is too deep and too emotional for us to untangle (no pun intended) on our own. We’ve got to seek help and seek healing…”

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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