Tia & Tricia’s Top 10 Fall Beauty Must-Haves

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Tricia and Tia

(L-R) Tia Williams and Tricia Lee

Just in time for fall style’s arrival, two of my favorite beautypreneurs have joined forces to share their top 10 beauty must-haves for the season. They truly require no introduction but just in case you’re not familiar, meet Tia Williams, veteran beauty editor and creator of and Tricia Lee, the beauty & brains behind Polish Bar of Brooklyn. Both of these ladies have a love, better yet, an OBSESSION with all things beauty-full so trust me when I say that we’ll be in good hands. Here we go!

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1. L’oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur: Thanks to this big miracle in a small tube, I have NO pores. Definitely one of my newest addictions and soon to be one of yours. (Tricia)

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2. Jason Wu for Lancome Eyeshadow: Jason Wu has successfully woed me with this oh-so-autumnal palette! (Tia)

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3. Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care: I received this a birthday gift this year and didn’t know what to expect but it’s is officially my 2014 beauty splurge. It remedies my dry lips, as opposed to just making them greasy. I love the texture and a tiny bit goes a long way. (Tricia)

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4. Hair Rules Wavy Mousse: Need to coax definition out of the thirty-seven textures in your hair? Thank heaven for Hair Rules! (Tia)

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5. Silicon Mix: Say hello to my go-to for when my hair is dry and unruly. This silkening conditioner is soft, smells good and makes my hair tangle free and shiny. My hairdresser gave me my first jar about 5 years ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since. (Tricia)

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6. Lancome Grandiose: I’ve raved about mascaras before — some of them have been Lancome — but none of them have been Lancome Grandiose, which has a fancy swan neck so epic it should be behind glass at the Met. (Tia)

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7. True Blue Spa Paraffin Hand CreamOne of our most popular services at Polish Bar this time of year is the paraffin treatments. If you’ve ever had this deluxe service, you know the softening results. Hand creams with paraffin give you that little delight every time you use it. A handbag staple.

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8. Morrocan Oil Intense Hydrating Treatment: Let’s face it, cooler temps lead to dryer skin. It’s inevitable, but don’t fret. Morrocan Oil’s Intense Hydrating Treatment is the sexiest and most effective body lotion I know. (Tia)

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9. Stussy Black Leather Baseball Cap: I know this isn’t exactly a beauty product but a new leather baseball cap is a must-have for me each year. This year’s pick is a cute little Black Stussy number. It saves me from bad hair days and works like a luxury bag since it dresses up just about any look. (Tricia)

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10. BECCA Cosmetics Brush: Ladies, this foundation/blush/bronzer/concealer brush is the answer to every question. Put a dab of product on the bristles and sweep all over your face. Airbrush perfection! (Tia)

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