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Fearless One: Melody Eh$ani

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Designer, Melody Eh$ani

Law school student-turned-designer, Melody Eh$ani, knows a little something about tossing fear aside and living out your dreams. After interning for the sneaker brand, Creative Recreation, Eh$ani walked away from the comforts of a traditional 9-5 to leave her personal mark on the ever-evolving shoe manufacturing industry. The L.A. native has a thing for sneakers and undoubtedly has a pretty mean collection, but high-end, head-turning stilettos are where her heart lies.

Frustrated with the shoe manufacturing process, Eh$ani fearlessly packed her bags and headed to Hong Kong to ensure proper production of her highly anticipated line. Can you say thorough?

With conversation-starting heels, Eh$ani’s shoe designs are unique, affordable, and guaranteed to turn heads from Soho to Shanghai.

As an extension of her creative expression, Eh$ani also designs some of the funkiest jewelry I’ve seen on the market in a while. Eh$ani’s statement earrings, beautiful bold necklaces, and fly three-finger rings will have a grown woman channeling a child in a candy store.

With celebrity clients including Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Mariah Carey and Ciara, Eh$ani’s work demands the attention of around-the-way-girls and A-listers alike.

Stay tuned to In Her Shoes over the next few weeks for more on this amazing talent.

Until then, live life fearlessly! For additional information on Melody Eh$ani, please visit www.melodyehsani.com.


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