Ashley Small’s No Shopping Challenge

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Ashley Small, Medley Inc.

No sweetie, your eyes have not deceived you. We’re talking 365 days of window shopping, missing out on the end-of-season markdowns, and last but not least, turning your back on Black Friday. While it may sound absurd, the no shopping movement has been embraced globally and requires participants to reject consumerism, re-use, borrow and recycle instead.

For many of us (including myself), this challenge would be a bit nerve-wracking but fly female entrepreneur and certified style maven, Mrs. Ashley Small passed the test with flying colors and lots of help from her super stylish grandmother. When Ashley’s grandma passed away, she inherited her entire wardrobe which was full of high quality, colorful, and classic pieces that could easily be remixed for the PR pro’s very demanding social calendar.

Check out this video from The Live Well Network where Ashley gives us a sneak peek into her no-shopping experience:

So, could YOU survive not buying any clothing for an entire year?



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