Fall-ing into a New You!

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By Guest Contributor, Karen St. Hilaire: President,  Kadence LLC

Fall is a season of newness. Remember the days as a student when you had to prepare for school? It was a new year, new grade, new friends and even new environments. As students of life, we must continue in the habit of “Fall-ing” into the newness of us.

Fall is my favorite time of the year because I get to experiment with fashion, hair, makeup, shoes, events (yes, events) and even hanging with new people. The Goddess in me comes out for this one season and she goes crazy. What is your inner-Goddess like? Have you met? We must learn to be in tune with our inner-Goddess and make her an extrovert, or allow her to visit the outer realm for a season or so.

You are a celebrated individual in your own right, whether it’s within your industry, social circle or even at home with your hubby and kids. Being in harmony with oneself allows us to be open to give a lot more of ourselves to those we love.

Here are 5 tips for Fall-ing into a new you:

Meditation & Self Talk: Add a five minute meditation session to your day and name it. Whether it is the first or last five minutes of your day, allow yourself to sit in silence and just let your mind be free. Breathe deeply and just let everything go.  Add some positive self talk when you are finished: “I am wonderful, I am a beautiful woman.” This is an engine booster.

Create a Motto: Create a motto for your fall decadence.  You have a personal ‘list’ of year end activities: spa day, mommy and me time, be open for more dates, attend a play. A theme allows you to stay in line with your plans. Mine is “swinging in simplicity” because I plan to get it in with the essence of simplicity- no over doing anything in my plan.

Simplify your activities: If you are a busy bee, the only way that you can enjoy your days is by having a strict and simple to-do list. List only what is essential to you and work on that. Add a walk in the park or bike riding to your to-do list.

Experiment: Fall is a time of experimentation.  Trying new ideas with your clothing and makeup: patterns, colors and styles make Fall a wonderful and fun time. If you are always in solids, try some prints (one or two); try a darker or lighter lip and nail polish color. Taking chances allows you to become more knowledgeable about who are and where you can go.

Issue a Pass: Allow the person that is you to mess up and start all over again. We don’t even realize it, but many times we tend to be our harshest critic. IF you mess up, give yourself a pass to try again. Success might be waiting for you the second or third time around.

The object is to enjoy your core self holistically. You are on point at the office and with the clients but your biggest client is YOU. Fall in love with yourself all over again, appreciate yourself for who you are and what you bring to the table then watch everyone and everything around you follow suit.

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