In His Shoes: Christophe Roberts

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In His Shoes: Christophe Roberts

Photo Credit: Jim Forni, Octane Media

Meet Brooklyn’s newest multi-media artist by way of the Windy City, Mr. Christophe Roberts. He expresses his creativity through graphic design, painting, sculptures, and head-turning installations with work currently installed in the New York City retail window for one of the world’s leading athletic brands. This über-busy creator took time out of his demanding schedule to sit down with In Her Shoes for the second part of our ongoing In His Shoes interview series. We chatted about Christophe’s move from the Chi to the Big Apple, his creative influences, and what he loves about fly female entrepreneurs. Here’s what he had to say:

In Her Shoes: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you knew you wanted to be an artist.

Christophe: My family is very creative and truly inspired me to express my creativity. My mother is a strong female entrepreneur who taught for over thirty years before becoming a principal. My aunt, Gloria Ward, managed art centers around Chicago for inner city youth so these two women were great influences, giving me the thick skin I have today and making sure I was always creating.

During the toughest times, I still enjoyed what I was doing even though it wasn’t paying the bills. If you still love  your work with no money in your pocket, then you know it’s in your heart. Love is what you live off of, create off of and breathe off of.

Photo Credit: Shayna Smith

In Her Shoes: Congrats on your recent move to New York City! Do you see any major differences between the Big Apple and Chicago as art centers?

Christophe: Absolutely, New York is the hub for the arts so clients that seemed far away before are now within arm’s reach. This city is on demand and the world notices what you’re doing a lot faster than any place in the world. I feel rejuvenated taking bites out of the Big Apple. A lot of the artists I follow and respect live here or frequent the area, so it’s only right that I’m competing in the same arena at this point in my career.

I love New York but Chicago set the foundation for me to even be in the position I’m in right now. Without Chicago, New York would not be possible. That city taught me a lot but if you outgrow a scene, it’s time to present yourself with new obstacles on a bigger stage.

Photo Credit: Rocky Russell

In Her Shoes: How has living in New York City impacted your work?

Christophe: The hustle and survival tactics required in this environment have pushed my work to another level. Moving here changed my life immediately. Within days of relocating I was working with Nike, having art shows with an artist from the Beastie Boys and the guitarist from Daft Punk, creating designs for Marvel, Rock Smith, NBA, Gap, Hot Topic, Wall Mart, etc. This has been a wild ride!

Photo Credit: Randy Korwin

In Her Shoes: You express yourself as an artist via several mediums including: graphic design, painting, sculptures, and installations. How do you think not limiting yourself makes you a better artist?

Christophe: I studied the history of the Renaissance and how artists from that era effected literature, architecture, science, government and other aspects of society. To make that type of impact, they couldn’t focus on just one medium. Many artists today, including myself, apply that approach to modern art.

My creations should be fluid like water and fill any cup. The mediums are just tools for my engine to create. Take Kanye, President Obama, Sidney Portier, Shepard Fairey, Kaws, Bansky, and Russell Simmons for example.  They all focus on several tasks at hand through the use of various tools and mediums. I’m most productive when I’m juggling multiple projects. I guess you can say I have ADD when it comes to art!

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in Christophe Roberts’ shoes:

Christophe: I wake up around 7 am, read emails, and respond to my freelance client’s requests. Then I head to Midtown where I check in at C Life Group to bang out graphic designs for various brands. As soon as I get out the office, I head to my studio in Brooklyn. From that point forward I could be doing anything from designing on the computer, spray painting a piece, or putting final touches on my sculptures. Random parties or events may get thrown into the mix but 70% of the time, this is the schedule I stick to. Somewhere between midnight and 2 a.m. I’m back at the crib to catch a couple Z’s and do it all over again the next day!

Photo Credit: Jim Forni, Octane Media

In Her Shoes: What do you love most about fly female entrepreneurs?

Christophe: Fly female entrepreneurs have dedication and drive, which is important to me and keeps my attention. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s a boss at her own craft. Good looks are nice, but I like when women can bring something more to the table.

Photo Credit: Zak Hoke

In Her Shoes: Tell us about your recent installation in the Nike store. What was the inspiration behind it?

Christophe: Instead of just emulating athletes for Nike, I wanted to stick to what I’ve been doing from the beginning. I use the subject matter of animals to represent the inner beast every athlete.

PUMA x Kehinde Wiley

In Her Shoes: Who or what are your top three creative influences?

Christophe: My creative influences range from books to people. The first book that comes to mind is “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green. In terms of people, the list is quite extensive and includes: Kehinde Wiley, Jeff Koons, Kanye West, Kaws, Ron English, and Jamie Hewlett.

In Her Shoes: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned thus far in your career?

Christophe: Ride the lows out because eventually the highs will come.  Also, if you want to succeed at something it has to become a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

Christophe Roberts in Hi-Fructose Magazine

In Her Shoes: What’s next?

Christophe: Tons of art shows! I can’t speak on the details yet until everything is approved but the future looks bright and filled with more exciting obstacles to overcome. I’m looking to take a more narrative approach with my next round of pieces commenting on my roots and Bahamian history.  I would love to design and fabricate huge sculptures and other materials in addition to the shoebox sculptures so I’ve also been pursuing those possibilities. Europe is next in my scope and I’ve also been working on my shirt line L.I.E (LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING) which is slated for release next summer.

For additional information on Christophe Roberts visit www.christopheroberts.com. Click here to check out the YouTube video featuring Christophe’s Nike store installation in New York City.


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