Yes! Sister Love is Real…

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Guys shouldn‘t be jealous that‘s a woman’s trait…

Unfortunately, we’ve all heard this statement blended into different popular hip hop records trying to give a punch to their opponent. Women have the stereotype of being catty, mean and vindictive while society shows that males carry none of these traits. It’s extremely disappointing that women of color have the label of being jealous and petty. The more and more I’ve mapped myself throughout life’s journey the more I’m convinced that this stereotype should be thrown out the window.

Since transitioning to Brooklyn I’ve received nothing but love and support from the beautiful and successful women who have been placed in my life. There’s such a strong and unbreakable network between women of color making moves and leaving a legacy. This strong circle doesn’t only exist in this one location, but all over. When I talk to friends from L.A. or Atlanta to the good ole’ Midwest, they’ve shared similar stories of finding encouragement and support from women who have been reliable and loving.

Even though the media shows a stereotypical side, try not to feed into the hype. No matter where you are in life continue to build, feed and nurture your relationships and bonds with your sisters. Do not allow what other people think of us to subconsciously seep into our mind and actions. We can truly be each other’s strongest support systems because we understand the uniqueness of our journey as women of color.

Sometimes we feel like the world is out to get us so we tend to keep our guards up. You’ll be surprised who will stand with you, cry with you and even celebrate your successes with you if only broke down that wall.

Did you guys catch Oprah’s interview with Barbara Walters where she squashes the lesbian rumors and professes her adoration for Gayle? Sisterfriend love is REAL!

Miracles & Blessings,

Ellisa Oyewo

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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