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Top 3 Reasons to Love “Perfect Face” by Ashunta Sheriff

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Ashunta Sheriff

Celebrity makeup artist and industry veteran Ashunta Sheriff has worked her magic on many of our entertainment favs including Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Janelle Monae. While she could have rested on her laurels, this Fly Female Entrepreneur decided it was time to shine even brighter with the recent launch of her new cosmetics line, Perfect Face by Ashunta Sheriff. The offerings were inspired by the many years Ashunta has dedicated to making the world a beautiful place. She knew first hand what the industry was missing and was determined to provide it! Her products have been embraced by fellow mavens and everyday women alike so she’s confident you’ll appreciate it, too. Following is my list of the top 3 reasons to absolutely love the Perfect Face collection:

1. Perfect Face Dual Foundation and Brush: The first product released from Ashunta’s collection is the Perfect Face Dual Foundation and Brush. This dual-ended stick gives you two beautiful shades to blend, placing light and dark where you wish. Also included is a dual-ended applicator with a foundation and concealer brush; use the foundation bursh to apply light to medium coverage, and the concealer brush to cover blemishes or dark spots, for your most fabulous face. The blending, sculpting and lifting set comes in 6 shades–fair light, medium, tan, deep and dark.

2. Take Your Time, Do it Right: Ashunta realizes the value in not rushing the process. While many brands are in a hurry to launch (only to realize later that things need to be tweaked), Ashunta is taking the strategic approach by releasing her collection one product at a time. We may be itching to get her products in our hands, but Ashunta reminds us that good things come to those who wait.

3. Flawless Faces Apply: If Ashunta’s makeup know-how has made her a Hollywood household name, as everyday women who don’t have to consider tricky elements like cameras and lighting, we’re definitely in for a top notch experience. On the heels of her foundation and concealer brush success, Ashunta will introduce a dual-end blush called “Day and Night,” a beauty elixer spray and a bronzer. Can you say flawless face?

Follow Ashunta on Twitter and Instagram (@AshuntaSheriff) to get updates on upcoming “Perfect Face” release dates. To learn more about Ashunta visit

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