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Check out my homegirl and fellow blogger, Patrice Yursik, on TheRoot.com today as she waxes poetic about her previous life as a Miami New Times entertainment editor and the changing relationship between Corporate America and black women. So happy to see larger media outlets continue to recognize and embrace thought leaders in the blogosphere. Much love and respect to Patrice for paving the way!

“I have no hard feelings toward corporate America, I just couldn’t ever be a part of it. I think we’re in a time where individuals have power. The existing structures are crumbling and it calls for ingenuity. So I’m seeing lots of black women start their own side hustle. I’m seeing lots of women who have been laid off or are actively job hunting, find ways to bring home the bacon by freelancing and moonlighting and stepping out in faith to control their own destinies. It’s been a slow, steady change but it’s remarkable and very inspiring.”

Amen, sis!

Click here to read TheRoot.com’s entire interview with Patrice Yursik of Afrobella.com.

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