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Side-Eye Syndrome

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By: Ellisa Oyewo

Your co-worker comes in and starts exclaiming about a new position or opportunity that has just opened up for her. You gently smile because of course, you should be happy for your friend or peer. As soon as they turn their head though you give them a sharp side eye. You quickly re-group because you can’t show the one emotion that you’re beginning to feel…jealousy.

In an ideal world everyone would honestly be happy for everyone.  But if we were honest with ourselves we have been in a similar situation atleast once in our lives.  It’s the feeling that sometimes you feel life is unfair. You begin to compare your achievements to others.  Statements begin to run through your head such as “Well, I work just as hard or even harder” or “The only  reason she received it is because (insert a ridiculous excuse here).”

One thing we must realize that it does not matter if the person cheated their way to the top or moved up with integrity, what is for you is for you. We all have a specific destiny and purpose in life. If we continue to worry about others we will never complete our own. What you put out is what you get back. If you put out a jealous spirit with other’s achievements, don’t act surprised when your door opens and people want to close it. At the end of the day, be happy for others even if they don’t  think they “deserve it.”  If you didn’t receive that opportunity there is something better out there for you.

Just remember, if everyone around you is being blessed that means YOUR blessing is just around the corner.

Miracles & Blessings,

Ellisa Oyewo

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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