Seven Brown Presents Seven Summer Skincare Secrets You Want to Know NOW

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Summer is here! While everyone loves a long day at the beach and hours of good music during festival season, too much sun exposure can wreck havoc on your beautiful skin. Follow these expert skincare tips from internationally-licensed esthetician, Seven Brown of Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic. With over 15 years of experience, Seven shares industry secrets on how to protect your skin from the sun and heat, while nurturing it for a healthy glow. Get all the way into Seven’s summer skincare advice – it goes way beyond just slathering on SPF!

1) Get a radiant summer glow by exfoliating your body once a week followed by a body oil of your choice. The exfoliation allows the oil to penetrate and deliver lovely benefits to the skin.

2) Be sure to protect the most vulnerable skin on the body – the lips & eyes. Lips lack the ability to moisturize themselves so Chapstick with SPF or a great shade of lip gloss will do the trick. For the eyes, take this moment to rock a fabulous pair of shades.

3) Lighten up on the makeup, especially foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. For a sun-kissed glow minus the harmful rays, try a bronzer. Remember to take your makeup bag out of the car as the heat melts and degrades product.

4) There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a fruity, summer cocktail but be sure to add lots of water to defend against dehydration. Dehydrated skin is compromised skin.

5) Like to stay fit during the summer? Mist skin with a water-based spritzer to keep it hydrated while working out or walking.

6) Those annoying little red bumps on the back of your arms and legs (known as keratosis pillars or KP) do not have to make you rethink your summer wardrobe. Smooth things out with a glycolic or lactic acid-based scrub.

7) Lastly, add a Vitamin C serum to you daytime regimen. It has super powers against aging and has sun protecting qualities!

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About Seven Brown:

Seven Brown is an internationally licensed and respected esthetician, beauty educator and expert with over 15 years experience. Her expertise is in electrotherapy also referred to as “microcurrent” – a treatment that increases muscle tone, reverses cellular aging and quickens healing time of both face and body.

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