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Vanquish the Winter Skin Woes

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Winter, with its cold air and drying heat, can be tough on your skin. Old Man Winter has been on a rampage across the entire country so no matter where you live, there are certain basic skin-care things you absolutely need to do:

Moisturize often.
Take shorter, warm (not hot) showers and baths.
Keep the humidity level up indoors.

I’ve been taking these basic precautions but for some reason this weather has been wrecking serious havoc. I’m sure I’m not alone in this battle, so I tapped into the expertise of Seven Brown, the award-winning esthetician and owner of Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic. Following are her insider tips for helping you vanquish the winter skin woes:

1. Hydrate the body from the inside: Drink lots of water or Zico Coconut Water offers optimal hydration. Drink it or freeze it into ice cubes and add to your drinks.

2. Exfoliate gently: Weekly exfoliation is extremely important to remove rough/dry skin and allows much needed moisture in.

3. Serums reigns supreme: Add a serum to your regimen or switch to using your night moisturizer in the daytime. Use products wisely. Place leftover serums on the neck and lower neckline and then hands.

4. Find an expert: Connect with a local dermatologist or esthetician that specializes in your ethnicity and skin tone. Get a facial every month to keep the skin healthy.

5. Switch cleansers: Set aside summer cleansers with glycolic acid for more hydrating and gentle ingredients. Cleanse responsible and use warm water. Hot water draws out natural oils and leaves skin dry.

6. Protect hands and feet: After moisturizing, wear gloves and socks to bed to soften cracked heels and chapped hands.

7. Humidify your environment: Indoor heating dries the skin. Add a humidifier to your room. it will keep skin supple by creating moisture in the air.

Are there any special tips and tricks you’re using to keep your skin tight this season? If so, please share!

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