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The Parlour #TravelFly Solo Weekend Recap

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What happens when one of your favorite online travel magazines joins forces with one of your favorite clients to host a fly girl’s getaway? A long weekend in St. Thomas with Parlour Magazine and EDEN BodyWorks that I won’t soon forget. I travel quite a bit for work and play, but one thing I haven’t crossed off my bucket list yet is a much needed solo trip. A moment where I can escape the everyday demands of entrepreneurship and life in general to explore a part of the world I’ve never experienced with just me, myself and I. I imagine myself waking up each morning with no alarm, no agenda, and (as selfish as this may sound) no one else to consider when I decide how I’m going to spend the day.

What’s stopping me from taking this epic solo trip, you ask? I can honestly say that the only thing holding me back is myself. I plan to make this often-dreamed-about solo vaca happen in the near future, but until then, I definitely got a taste of what traveling independently could look and feel like as an ambassador for The Parlour #TravelFly Solo Weekend.

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Over 40 brown beauties from across the country met up in St. Thomas for four days and three nights of me time, beach side reading, water sports, shopping and all around luxuration. Here’s how it worked: Parlour Magazine curated this awesome weekend with plenty of suggestions for solo fun and just two optional group outings (a welcome reception and dinner). We had the choice of spending the weekend solo or crewing up with other women to explore the island. While I had my intentions set on trying solo travel on for size, I ended up spending quite a bit of time with a few NYC movers and shakers we all know and love including Africa Miranda, Kela Walker, Camara Aunique and Parlour Mag’s own Shannon Washinton Hayes. We found ourselves relaxing by infinity pools, supporting local Black female-owned restaurants, shopping, taking yoga classes, hopping on sunset cruises and just getting lost in a #usvinice state of mind.

The USVI Department of Tourism treated us like queens with gorgeous accommodations at Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Resort, dinner with their team at one of the islands many five-star restaurants, and a generous amount of USVI bucks that we could spend all over the island. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? It truly was! If you’re ever looking for a “local” island escape that doesn’t require a passport, I highly recommend St. Thomas and plan to go back soon myself. Here are a few moments from of one of the best weekends I’ve experienced this summer so far. Get all the way into it and if you like what you see, book a flight to St. Thomas as soon as you can!

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(L-R) Kela Walker, Yours Truly, Shannon Washington-Haynes & Africa Miranda

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Thank you for the beautiful parting gift, USVI Department of Tourism!

To learn more about the beauty of USVI, click here. If you’re ready to get your travel game up and need a bit of brown girl inspiration to do so, be sure to check out Parlour Magazine today!

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