Selma Idris Introduces The Brown Crayon Project

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Selma Idris is proud to introduce The Brown Crayon Project, a carefully-curated collection of hair, scalp, skin and body cleansers, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers and oils formulated with brown babies in mind.

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Selma Idris: Founder, The Brown Crayon Project

“My first son, Adam, developed cradle cap, like so many babies do. I sourced everything available to me in shops and online but could not find products that would help heal his scalp without drying out his beautiful hair,” said The Brown Crayon Project founder, Selma Idris. “After hearing the same from so many moms in my community, I knew it was time to fill the void.”

The price point starts at $15.99 MSRP and the one-of-a-kind products will be available starting late summer 2016 on the brand’s web shop: The brand will also be distributed through traditional and alternative retail outlets across the country. With a holistic approach to baby care, The Brown Crayon Project’s commitment to honest messaging and community involvement will serve as the indie brand’s foundation.

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(L-R) Latham Thomas,; Selma Idris, The Brown Crayon Project; Felicia Benson Walker,; Julee Wilson, ESSENCE

The Brown Crayon Project previewed its collection Sunday, July 10th at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with an intimate gathering of all mom writers, makers, entrepreneurs and founders. The afternoon was hosted by ESSENCE Magazine’s Digital Fashion & Beauty Director, Julee Wilson and included a panel discussion with Latham Thomas of and Felicia Benson Walker of With Brooklyn’s skyline as the backdrop, women candidly spoke about beauty, children, sisterhood, motherhood, family and community.

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Idris says, “This event was one of the most important moments in my journey. The support and love we had for each other in that moment; that is what I’m trying to bottle and sell. It was beautiful.”

Underscoring The Brown Crayon Project’s commitment to the ego of the brown child, the official launch will be an online collaboration to communicate the mission and share product experiences with the diaspora. With kind messages of support from Europe, Africa and South America, the brand understands that the initiative is a global one.

To further strengthen the brand’s community building initiatives, The Brown Crayon Project will join forces with brilliant moms and dads throughout the year for Instagram takeovers titled “brown outs” to show us our real selves, our global community, as we are.

To learn more about The Brown Crayon Project please visit or join the conversation on social media @thebrowncrayonproject.

About The Brown Crayon Project

The Brown Crayon Project, LLC is the maker and distributor of the first certified-organic, chemist-formulated line of natural hair and skin care products for babies, toddlers and children of color. Made with love in Brooklyn, New York by Sudanese-American creative director, maker, mom and entrepreneur, Selma Idris, the brand is committed to staying rooted within the community to deliver on and drive an honest message and mission. The Brown Crayon Project proudly utilizes sound science, quality natural ingredients, transparent labeling, earth-conscious practices, and strict manufacturing standards at the core of its business. The introductory collection, available end of summer 2016, consists of hair, scalp, skin and body cleansers, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers and oils.

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