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#NeverStopNeverSettle: Vote for LIT Brooklyn!

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What happens when your ABSOLUTE favorite candle brand enters a national contest with Hot 97 and Hennessy for those who never stop and never settle? You spread the word far and wide! Denequa Williams, founder of LIT Brooklyn is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I know. She pours huge doses love and integrity into each and every one of her LIT candles. The scents are heavenly and the packaging is fly enough to compliment any space. Instead of waxing poetic about why we all need to stop what we’re doing to vote for LIT Brooklyn, I snagged the beauty behind the brand to share a few words with us. Here’s what she had to say:

My name is Denequa Williams, I am the owner of everyone’s favorite candles, LIT Brooklyn. LIT Brooklyn is a luxury soy candle company hand poured in Brooklyn. I’ve entered the Hot 97/Hennessy #NeverStopNeverSettle contest because it embodies everything that I represent. I don’t believe in “no.” I’ve had the best examples of parents, they showed me first hand what it means to work hard and see the results of your efforts. I’ve been blessed and I am super grateful to have a loyal clientele. LIT has made it into the hands of homes of some of the most influential people in the world and it has also been featured in some of your favorite publications. I am living my dreams right now and I know it’s because I work hard and I have a strong support system. How often are we able to do exactly what we want to do? I don’t take this opportunity to live out my dreams for granted, and never will.

Your vote would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Ready to cast your vote for the hottest, luxury candle brand on the market? Click here now!

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