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Mama Used To Say: Vol. 2

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Although I’m a firm believer in making the folks you love feel special everyday, there’s nothing like a good old Hallmark holiday to give some of us that much needed nudge. Last year on In Her Shoes, I connected with several Fly Female Entrepreneurs to find out what advice they received from their moms that made them the women they are today. If you missed last year’s Mother’s Day post click here.

This Mother’s Day, I’d like to shine light on a few ladies in business who are juggling it all: careers, personal interests and family! For many of us without children, it’s hard to even imagine doing everything we do AND being a mother, but there are plenty of amazing women showing the world how it’s done! I caught up with a few of my favorite Fly Female Mompreneurs and asked them to write brief love notes of wisdom to their children that they wouldn’t mind sharing with us. Take a peek at what I got…

Jodie Patterson/Co-Owner, Georgia


I believe in you. I know you. I see you. Try your best each day to find joy in the little things…those little happinesses will sustain you through life. There is no need to know everything, but you must find the few things that you care to know a little something about. Listen. Speak. Do. Love.


Kiara Ellozy/Co-Owner, Georgia

Dear Youssef and Adam,

Whether it be in love, work, or play, remember that people matter most.  Treasure the relationships in your life.   Find your calling, and make your mark on the world.  Encourage the good in yourself and others.  Give love.  Laugh deeply and often.  It helps get you through.



Karen Tappin-Saunderson/Co-Owner, Karen’s Body Beautiful

Dear Imani,

As a female entrepreneur who continues to break down stereotypes given to women of color, I would advise you to be simply fearless.  You have potential that no one can ever take away from you and it is up to you to uncover your beautiful gifts and share them with the world. Always allow your dreams to overcome your fears.  Be courageous through your actions and believe in yourself so much that nothing will ever disturb your peace of mind.



Latisha Daring/Co-Owner, Pieces of Brooklyn

Dearest Ashtyn,

You know mommy can be longwinded so i’m going to keep it simple.  Always remember and never forget: friends may come and go but family is forever!

Love Always,


Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!



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