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Maiya Norton Presents: The Sweet Spot

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I have a deep appreciation for music and how it affects me. On any given day, I’m generally listening to music from the time I awaken, throughout most of the day and up until it’s time to go to sleep. I listen when I’m happy, when I’m sad, and even when I just need a little background noise to break the silence. Music, sometimes, is a reminder of past events in your life and moments you won’t soon forget. Be it your first artist crush, or the song that played during a special date with that super special someone, it has the power to take you to a happy place. No matter the genre, music triggers my creativity and has been the soundtrack to the birth of some of my greatest ideas. 

That said, I was stoked to come across this Soundcloud mix today created by the lovely Maiya Norton. As a woman who’s been putting together head-nodding compilations since ’07, the Brooklyn-based music aficionado shared these thoughts on her latest and greatest:

I consider musical curation a gift as well as a passion. So, here we are with something fresh! The Sweet Spot is my new series which aims to highlight music that fits within a genre/feeling/moment, and showcase a new artist or photographer for every volume. Play it loud, share it, reminisce and enjoy!

Click here to get your dose of Maiya’s musical genius today. Trust and believe, you won’t be disappointed!





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