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Spring in New York City is a beautiful thing. While the warmer temps are a bit fickle these days, one thing is for certain, when they do decide to show up the entire city comes alive. Saturday afternoon in SoHo was no exception. While walking down Prince Street this weekend I stumbled upon this awesome moment:

IG pic from piano player

When is the last time you saw a guy playing an upright piano in the middle of the city? The first thing that came to mind is how bold and creative New Yorkers are when it comes to following their dreams. Seeing this man share his gift on the streets was beyond inspiring so in true blogger fashion, I snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram to spread the love. In less than 10 minutes I received a comment from the unidentified pianist himself thanking me for the great shot! I’m still not sure how he got to my page since I didn’t tag him in the photo but after taking a look at his IG bio, I was even more impressed. Dotan Negrin quit his 9-5 job to travel around the world and play his upright piano in extraordinary places. According to his Facebook page:

I’m a full time street piano player who travels across America with my upright piano. In 2011, I took my piano and dog across America, playing on the streets of more than 44 cities and 8 National Parks. I’ve gone on four piano road trips Across North America. From New York to Florida to Mexico to Montana to Costa Rica, we have played piano all over America and traveled over 45,000 miles, 200 cities, and met thousands of incredible people.  What’s next? To keep going with the flow, jumping along the rocks that are before me, and moving ahead. Life is about the journey not the end result. 
“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.” – Anonymous

Follow Dotan’s journey as he travels the globe on Twitter and check out his blog by clicking here!

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