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Inspired by Erin Robinson: Art to Relieve Stress

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Erin Robinson

Did you know that tapping into your creative side is known to reduce stress? Most of us were aware of this as children…remember the days of play-dough, water painting, or simply spending time with your favorite coloring book? Sketching and creating art can take your mind off of what’s stressing you, at least for a few minutes. Working on a project that’s been giving you gray hair? Try taking a break from it. Grab a sketch book, a pencil or paint brush, and leave your worries on paper. When you’re finished getting lost in the art, you should have a clearer mind and the ability to tackle your problems again.

Check out the work of one of the most creative women I know, the talented Erin Robinson. Throughout her epic career, she’s worked as a creative visionary for television networks and countless household brands including GAP, Sears, and Disney just to name a few. I stumbled upon these colorful beauties on her Facebook page and was inspired to share.

Sometimes with all of life’s responsibilities, we forget that we deserve “me time” and a lot of self-care. Taking just a few minutes a day to doodle or paint can give you clarity and the additional bonus of being left with something beautiful (or at least interesting) to show for it! Check out a few of Erin’s masterpieces:



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