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Warmer temps are finally brightening things up all over the country and it’s time for my favorite season of the year to begin! Transitioning your closet to prepare for all of the sexy rooftop parties and summer soirees you’ll be attending this year is always fun but while you’re at it, don’t forget to truly think about your looks. As fly female entrepreneurs, any, I repeat ANY, event you attend could be a networking opportunity so while you’d love to rock daisy dukes and a belly top to your colleague’s Memorial Day BBQ, you may want to think twice. Why? Because image is everything.

Today we have style expert, T Strong of FOX News Charlotte’s Life and Style Tip of the Week and here to share some of this season’s hottest trends that will take you from the back yard to the board room with panache:

This spring season orange is one of the biggest color trends on the runways and in the streets. We’re not talking about your traditional orange…I’m talking sherbert-y orange and even throwing a little pink into the mix. Sounds yummy and looks just as delicious! With so many bold and bright colors on the runways from all of our favorite designers, you simply can’t go wrong with color mixing this season.  What better day to warm up your day and turn that frown upside down?

Another popular piece this season is chambray.  Now don’t get rid of your dark denim just yet…that’s a classic that always gives you a slim and trim look but the 70’s are certainly back with a vengeance.  I’m loving everything from wedges with a vintage look, to printed peasant blouses and of course chambray shorts, tops, skirts, dresses and yes, even shorts!  This lightweight denim is perfect for spring and although it’s been around for a few seasons, it’s really just becoming super popular with the retailers.  The options are endless now and just like all denim, chambray matches and complements any color.

I’m already a huge fan of resort looks that remind me of nautical yachting so to say that I’m loving the stripes this season would be an understatement.  Stripes, when worn correctly, can complement any shape. From pin stripes and nautical stripes to BBC (big, bold and colorful) stripes and monochrome stripes, there’s something for everyone and I simply can’t get enough.  If you’re petite and want to look taller, go for a diagonal stripe.  Do you have more of a boyish shape?  Try horizontal stripes.  They tend to give the appearance of curves and if you have a taller frame, definitely embrace the nautical prints and styles.  They give a whimsical, yet effortless chic look.

Bringing in a little texture to any look is always a great idea.  It provides a level of detail that really can be the best focal point of your outfit.  That’s why I’m so elated about the lace, sheer and woven trends this season. Go for a wide net lace in an interesting pattern to set yourself apart from the rest.  Don’t be afraid to step outside the norm and embrace wearing color underneath the lace. It gives a look of elegance with a little surprise!  The same holds true for sheer…go long and drapey. It definitely shouldn’t be too sexy unless you’re staying in for the evening but for a night out on the town it should read very ladylike and be a great mix of delicate and feminine.

Check out T Strong’s latest Life and Style Tip on FOX News Charlotte where she chats about the importance of protecting your skin during the Spring and Summer months:


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