Georgia’s Next Chapter: A Season of Change

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We have the chance to be either architects or victims of our future.

– Daryl Conner, “Managing at the Speed of Change”

How do you react to the change in your life? Do you give it a warm and loving embrace trusting that every subsequent experience will be for your good? Do you drive change in your world or do you simply react to it? You can either make positive change happen in your life and career or wait around and go with the flow – letting your future follow the path of least resistance.

Jodie Patterson and Kiara Ellozy of the Lower East Side’s beauty hotspot, Georgia, have entered a season of change in their business and in true fly female entrepreneur fashion, the dynamic duo is using this opportunity for their brand to spread its beautiful wings and take flight.

As longtime supporters of In Her Shoes, the beautypreneurs have generously offered to share their story in hopes of inspiring their fellow boss ladies. After three successful years of doing business in one of New York City’s hottest retail districts, Jodie and Kiara have decided to expand their reach and move beyond a brick and mortar business.  They are grateful for the visibility, relevance and opportunity their flagship has brought them.  However, this is the perfect time to take the brand beyond retail.

Our move signifies a definitive shift in the economy and our strategic response to the downward retail climate.  Entrepreneurs have always had to be nimble, and this time is no different.  I believe our approach is interesting to all the other small independent business owners going through the same thing. We all need to redirect right about now.  An open conversation is exactly the right medicine!

– Jodie Patterson, Georgia Co-Owner

At the end of September, Georgia will close its doors at 89 East Houston, New York City. From October forward, the salon will continue to run from a new NYC location (to be announced), and the brand’s private label, Georgia By G & Company, will continue to be sold nationally and internationally from choice boutiques, as well as online.

We are excited to embark upon our new business strategy, which includes and increased emphasis on our existing wholesale and web businesses. Our flagship store on The Bowery has been an authentic expression of the passion and heritage that we will continue to bring to our international expansion. I will always remember this precious space as the birthplace of Georgia.

– Kiara Ellozy, Co-Owner

Anyone who has ever visited this gem of a boutique knows that Jodie and Kiara have infused their beautiful spirits into every inch of the space. I met and immediately connected with Jodie almost three years ago during Michaela Angela Davis’ inspiring Salon du Shine session hosted at Georgia.

In Her Shoes was just a concept at the time but when I told Jodie about it, she immediately encouraged me and agreed to an interview. I hadn’t even purchased the URL yet, but after hearing Jodie and Kiara’s stories, I knew that Georgia just had to be featured on my soon-to-be-launched blog. Following Jodie’s fly female entrepreneur interview our paths continued to cross. Georgia has truly become a staple in my New York City life and while I might miss the warm and inviting energy that just oozes from the cozy Lower East Side location, I’m confident in the brand’s ability to live on and become bigger and better than we ever imagined.

“Our location on The Bowery has literally set us apart, handed us priceless opportunities and served us very well. Now is the time to move on those opportunities. In order to move, capital is always needed. Bye bye flagship. Hello, world! And THIS is when the story gets exciting…”

– Jodie Patterson

Ladies, for better or worse change is headed your way.  In this very moment, many of us are either walking away from change or walking towards it. The good news is YOU are in charge!  What do you want to improve?  Your processes, your business, your personal life?  You can drive that change starting now. Unwanted change forced on you? Woman up! It’s a part of the human experience. However, YOU are in charge yet again – you get to determine precisely how you will respond. You can take on the role of the victim or you can take a lesson from the ladies of Georgia by using the change in your life as an opportunity for growth beyond your wildest dreams!

* If you’re in the New York City area, or plan to visit before the end of the month, be sure to swing by to share your well wishes with the ladies of Georgia before they leave the Lower East Side to conquer the globe. While you’re there, take advantage of Georgia’s “Crazy Beautiful” sale and enjoy 50% off almost everything in the store. Tell ’em In Her Shoes sent ya!


As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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