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Sheree Fletcher: Owner, Whoop Ash

Here on In Her Shoes, I have the pleasure of chatting up some of flyest female entrepreneurs on the planet and today’s lovely guest is no exception. Get to know Whoop Ash’s founder, Mrs. Sheree Fletcher, a woman who is truly not defined by her A-list celebrity association but by her mission to save the world from dry, scaly skin, one ASH WHOOPIN’ at a time!

In Her Shoes: I absolutely love the name of your product line! How did you arrive at such an attention-grabbing yet fitting name for your brand?

Sheree: The name was a gift from God – it literally just dropped into my spirit one day in my car “after” I had already trademarked another name for the product.

In Her Shoes: In your brand’s creative pieces, you’re positioned as a fabulous heroine. What type of super powers do you currently possess?

Sheree: The power to heal, transform, and of course, supernatural heroine ASH-WHOOPIN’ strength. And, she can fly!

In Her Shoes: How did you transition into your career in the skincare industry?

Sheree: My skincare career transitioned into me…LOL! Really, I just evolved into it. I’ve always been creative with entrepreneurial aspirations, but thought I would end up in the fashion industry. God truly has a way of directing your path.

In Her Shoes: What’s the most gratifying aspect of your job?

Sheree: That I get to sleep in! And, the creative aspect involved through the entire process of having a skincare line called, “Whoop Ash!” It doesn’t get any better than that!

In Her Shoes: What makes our skin care needs unique as women of color?

Sheree: In my experience I find that our skin tends to need products that contain a high percentage of emollients…we usually experience “dry” or “ashy” skin more often. And, it’s a shame to have a dull “ashen” haze over our rich and beautiful skin tones – we need a product that’s going to enhance and keep our skin moisturized.

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in Sheree Fletcher’s shoes?

Sheree: Prayer, coffee, gym, computer, work, food,  more work…more food…family time, prayer and then sweet dreams!

In Her Shoes: Congrats on the launch of your new retail partnership with New York City’s beauty hot spot, Georgia! What influenced your decision to take your line to retail in addition to its online availability?

Sheree: We wanted to make it more accessible to our customers, and introduce it to new ones. By bringing the product to one of the toughest cities on skin and teaming up with a top beauty boutique, I’m sure that we’ll be able to help bring out the radiance of more women in the city that never sleeps!

In Her Shoes: What else can we expect from Whoop Ash in 2011?

Sheree: More products to the line incorporating new and exotic ingredients!

For additional information about Whoop Ash visit www.whoopash.com. Join the Whoop Ash Facebook community to stay on top of brand updates and tributes to ASHtounding people. Follow Sheree’s ASH WHOOPING adventures on Twitter by clicking here!

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