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Mary Pryor: Love You Like Cooked Food

In Her Shoes: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Mary.


I’m smart
I’m witty
I’m blessed
I’m protected
I’m creative
I’m beautiful
I’m loved and people like me!

In Her Shoes: You reside in New York City where everyone is a hustler, wearing at least three hats. What influenced your decision to pick up the caterer’s hat and try it on for size?

Mary: My grandmother’s memories and the pursuance of my legacy.  She was the most predominant and amazing individual in my life.  She taught me everything from rules to the game as well as culinary delights.  She was more than a mother to me but a teacher so I had to bring her dream as well as my talents to the forefront!

(l-r) Chrystal Prather, Laira Lucas, Mary Pryor

In Her Shoes: How did you meet your business partners, Laira Lucas and Chrystal Prather, and what is it about your relationship that’s ideal for Love You Like Cooked Food?

Mary: Laira and I have known each for over three years. We met in D.C. where I taught for a bit and reconnected in early 2008.  I had no idea she could throw down but she’s one of the most educated and strong sisters I have grown to know.  Chrystal and I have been friends for seven years and she always had a knack for the kitchen. With Laira’s knowledge of natural and organic cuisine, Chrystal’s hardcore “get ’em girl” kitchen throwdowns and the group’s natural talent for making awesome dishes – things just fell into place.  I am truly blessed to have met and connected with individuals such as these.

In Her Shoes: What is Love You Like Cooked Food’s “food philosophy,” or to borrow a Top Chef buzz word, point-of-view?

Mary: Cooking from the heart with a healthy and always tasty perspective.

In Her Shoes: What are some of Love You Like Cooked Food’s specialty dishes?
Mary: Our salads, seafood and vegetarian dishes are well known.  We can make anything old-fashioned into a vegan delight and most people don’t know the difference.

In Her Shoes: Can you give us an idea of what a day in Mary Pryor’s shoes is like?


Shower and Dress (two outfit changes usually gets me right and on the way)
Tea and Good Morning America
Laptop/Email Check
Create Proposals  (for both the catering business and We Fancy, my brand development agency)
Go somewhere after work (working out/event stuff)

(eating occurs somewhere in between)

In Her Shoes: What would you say that you were most unprepared for?

Mary: This crazy economy.  Most clients don’t realize that food is very expensive and budgeting is key. We are willing to work with anyone but most times we have to be realistic and scale down a lot of things due to changes in food availability and economic switch-ups.

In Her Shoes: What tips would you give to someone interested in starting a food business?

Mary: Research, invest and educate yourself on all things culinary, health and business development.

In Her Shoes: Where would you like to see Love You Like Cooked Food in five years?

Mary: I’d like Love You Like Cooked Food to be known as reputable and amazing woman-owned catering business that operates all over the globe. We’d love to get a gig in Dubai!

Ahhhh. A fly female entrepreneur’s catering company that specializes in food from the heart. What’s not to love? Visit for additional information.

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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