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Dope Girls x Dope Brunch

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the first installation of the “Dope Girls x Dope Brunch” series. Conceptualized by Mary Pryor of We Fancy Agency, the “Dope Girls x Dope Brunch” series was created to build a network of extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. The all female collective is comprised of intelligent, progressive, and forward-thinking women representing a wide array of industries. Yesterday’s gathering attracted women from all walks of life: PR, education, event marketing, web production, journalism, shoe design, psychology, a DJ, and a full-ride MBA candidate. Can you imagine all of that energy in the same room? Talk about invigorating…whew!

Given the economy, I think it’s pretty smart for everyone, no matter the industry, to consider putting forth a collective effort. These priceless partnerships can be developed based on mutual respect for each woman’s dream that results in an exchange of both professional and moral support. Yesterday’s passionate and energetic group covered numerous topics ranging from what we’re passionate about, facing fear, overcoming perceived obstacles, the power of thoughts, being held accountable, and most importantly, how we can join forces to help the next woman achieve her goals.

Following are a few pics for your browsing pleasure…


In Her Shoes is committed to covering the entire “Dope Girls x Dope Brunch” series so stay tuned for more, ladies!

Special thanks to Mary, Kristen, Boyuan, Azza, Manushka, Dinna, Sarah, Lauren, and Sabrina for making the first gathering a huge success. Oh, and extra special thanks to Emi for his photography skills!

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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