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By In Her Shoes Contributor: Brandis Snagg

30 years and over 300 shades ago, Essie Weingarten set out to create nail polish shades that expressed a woman’s individuality. She felt that nail salons didn’t provide choices that allowed women to be different or reflect their true selves, so she worked diligently to fill that void. Today the Essie Cosmetics brand is an industry leader. The former buyer for Henri Bendel, who’s driven by “being the woman other women trust by providing a quality product” has redefined the way we look at nail colors forever.

Not bad for a woman who stepped out on faith to launch a nail empire in Vegas by testing shades on show girls. They loved the colors and before the fly female entrepreneur knew it, nail salons and spas were snatching them up. It wasn’t long before Essie became the global brand that we know, love, and request at every nail salon visit. Starting today, let your nails share a little something about your personality. Instead of grabbing that safe shade of pink that’s your tried and true, grab a color that’s a bit more daring and totally unexpected. You’ll be surprised, changing something as little as your nail shade for the week can pep up your mood or spark a creative idea for the next big empire.

Your hands make such a statement about who you want to be…

-Essie Weingarten




Happy manis & pedis, ladies!

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