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Dana Blair’s Advice For Tackling Your First Marathon

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Dana post race

Dana Blair: post-race euphoria

According to essence.com on-air personality & entrepreneur, Dana Blair, there’s nothing in the world like the gratification felt after running your first marathon. The entire experience is filled with a mixed range of emotions including anxiety, inspiration, fear, and hope but with lots of love and motivation from family, friends and her charity partner PitCCh, Dana can now cross “run the New York City Marathon” off her to-do list.

Dana getting number

The number has been assigned. There’s no turning back…

Is completing a marathon somewhere on your bucket list? Take notes as Dana offers up 5 powerful pieces of advice for anyone tackling their very first marathon:

  1. Invest in the proper gear (shoes, inserts, braces, attire). Running is not a cheap sport, but this is your body, so you can’t cut any corners. You do not want long term physical damage that can cost you coins and comfort down the line just because you didn’t want to spend an extra $75 on quality gear.
  2. While you’re training, know that every day you run will be different. Some days are better than others. Why? Life, stress, diet, and wear & tear on the body can take a toll as you increase distance. STAY FOCUSED. You are doing something that most don’t/won’t even attempt. You showed up. Be easy on yourself.
  3. My best runs during training (especially distance) did not take place listening to a “dope playlist”. I listened to meditations and books that would elevate Dana. Running is your YOU time, so by all means, use it wisely. The kids, the husband/boyfriend, colleagues cannot pull on you when you’re running (unless they’re really fast!). You can’t answer emails (trust me, I have tried), take calls or respond to texts, so you truly have to surrender to the moment, be in it, and realize that for now, it’s ALL about you.
  4. On the actual day of the race, the most important thing you’ll need to do is keep moving, which is such a great metaphor for life as well. Once you stop, you’re screwed. The body loses its chutzpah, which makes it harder to get back into your rhythm.
  5. Last but certainly, not least, I have to warn you – running is truly addictive. The runner’s high is real so be prepared to want to keep running, and running and running, which isn’t a bad thing. Your body will thank you for it!

Dana post race celebrating

26 miles done! Enjoying a well-deserved glass of vino. 

Bonus tip:

The key to running a strong first marathon is to remember the three “P’s”: preparedness, patience and perseverance.

To learn more about Dana Blair visit justdanablair.com.

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