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In Her Shoes Shopping Guide: 75 Black Women-Owned Brands to Know, Love & Support

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Heat Free Hair

Founded in 2012 by Ngozi Opara, Heat Free Hair is the number one brand for 100% virgin hair extensions designed to perfectly match a woman’s natural hair texture and curl pattern.

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The Lip Bar

Let’s face it, for years women (especially women of color) feared a bold, vibrant lip color. In 2011, a Detroit native decided to put all those pitiful fears of lip color to rest; to build a company that would forever change the way you looked at lip color. Melissa Butler, the Lip Bar founder and visionary, set out on a mission to impact the cosmetic industry with products that are unsurpassed in craftsmanship, quality and color.

Lauren Napier (CLEANSE)

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CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is a set of twelve individually packaged facial cleansing wipes, that fit neatly into your traveling makeup bag, briefcase or evening clutch.  Rich in water, aloe, chamolilla and cucumber, each wipe is slightly textured to aid in gentle and effective cleansing.

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Belle Butters
Belle Butters was founded in 2009 by Tasha Burton of St. Louis, Missouri. With product effectiveness at the top of her list of priorities, Tasha makes premium, high quality natural products for hair and body that are affordable and easy to use.

Gold Label Cosmetics

Gold Label Cosmetics

Launched in 2012, Gold Label Cosmetics started out as an opportunity for makeup artist, Kristen Elise Brown, to create a cosmetics line that had women from all walks of life in mind. The brand offers both classic and on-trend colors along with highly-pigmented, stay there gluten and paraben free formulas.


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Tees in the Trap

Tees in the Trap was created to highlight hip-hop, popular culture and everyday life – from a woman’s perspective. The brand, which was created by Arsha Jones, is a little trendy, somewhat edgy, and always fly.

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Kimberly Goldson

The Kimberly Goldson lifestyle brand, created by Brooklyn-based Kimberly Goldson, is a collage of influences reflecting the bold metropolitan designs of the new millennium woman.

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Created by Randi Gloss, GLOSSRAGS specializes in creating one-off, limited edition designs that provide social commentary on issues at play within the world, be they social justice, institutions or popular culture. The brand is committed to conscious consumerism by creating critically crafted designs that are a catalyst for social activism & discourse.

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Rue 107

Rue107 is a celebration of the fashion vagabonds by Marie Jean-Baptiste. Whether you were born with confidence, or you build it over time, Rue107’s mission is to create the means to share it with the world, with the hope of inspiring others along the way.

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Vetu de Joy

Never one to shy away from mixing prints, Vetu de Joy online boutique founder, Mikaela Joy, hopes to inspire women to try a new color, or a different way to style that printed piece, all while radiating beauty and self-confidence!


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BUM-CAKE is an online destination for unique vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The shop, which was launched by Christiana Greene, embodies all that is vintage/retro through its curated pieces which take you from the 1920’s-1990’s.

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