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5 Holiday Makeup Tips To Love This Season & Beyond

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If you’re reading this, chances are you have a calendar jam packed with holiday festivities and want to look extra special for each and every one. We’ve got you covered, sis. These super-easy tips from celebrity makeup artist, Camara Aunique, will have you looking sparkly, feeling festive, and holiday-ready in literally no time.
1. Before we dive into the beauty products I’m loving these days, we have to start with the essentials. If you want to have a smooth canvas for all of the fabulous looks you’ll be wearing this season, water is your best friend.  It keeps the skin glowing, well hydrated, and enhances the complexion. For soft and supple skin, drinking an adequate amount of water is more important than using expensive face creams. To step it up a notch, I’ve been challenging myself to drink a gallon of Alkaline water a day and to be honest, my skin has never looked or felt better!
2. This season, less is more and the goal is to rock fresh and dewy skin, so I’m absolutely living for the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation.  In 40 beautiful shades, this budget-friendly foundation gives skin an instantly smooth, selfie-worthy finish that easily builds from medium to full coverage.
3. I know we’re used to wearing the perfect red lip for the holidays and yessss it’s beautiful, but if you want get in on a little mistletoe action without Fenty Beauty or Ruby Woo getting in the way, try a simple conditioned nude lip this season. I recently curated my very own Marjani Beauty Holiday Edition BEAT Box™ with AUnique twist and in it, you’ll find the perfect lip kit for under $25!
3. So we’re turning down the lips to add a little holiday shine to your cheeks. Grab a Cozzette blush brush with Danessa Myricks Gocha Glow Highlighter and let your light shine. This miracle in a jar will have you adding tons of sparkle to any party you attend!
5. There’s no way around it, 2017 was ALL about a good lash.  I know, I know. I’m guilty, too!  But like I said before, less is more so let’s step away from the dramatic lashes for a moment to experience THE perfect mascara. I searched high and low just for you and am currently obsessed with Lancôme Grandios Multi-Benefit Mascara. Ladies, it will have you batting lashes you never thought you had.  At just over $30, this is what I consider to be a wise investment for your makeup bag.
I hope these tips help to get you through the holiday season in style! Don’t forget, the BEST way to own any room you walk into is with self-love and confidence – two things I encourage us to apply heavily and frequently this holiday season and beyond.
Camara Aunique

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