Five Reasons To Werk It In “The Werk! It Collection” by LIPFETISH Cosmetics

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The average woman in America purchases 8.5 tubes of lipstick per year. I would venture to say that the women in my circle may buy twice as many. When we want to feel beautiful and confident, lipstick is always a quick, easy, and affordable pick me up. There’s something about swiping on your favorite red before a hot date or power meeting that makes us feel extra special.

Enter The Werk! It Collection by LIPFETISH Cosmetics. Personally customized by everyone’s favorite style maven, Tiffany Battle, The Werk! It Collection was born after several of Battle’s 30,000+ followers repeatedly inquired about her lipstick selections. Instead of continuing to shoutout the major cosmetic brands, Battle did what she does best – went into create mode – with her mind set on a partnership with a Black-owned business to create a product that both she and her followers would love.

The collection ends on December 31st at 11:59 p.m. EST and the clock is ticking. Here are five reasons why you need to drop what you’re doing to snag a few of these limited edition shades today before they disappear!

  1. The Werk! It Collection Includes Five Shades Personally Customized by Tiffany M. Battle of The Werk! Place: It is typical to see brands tap social and digital influencers to promote their brand or product, but it is rare to see an influencer collaborate with a company to create their own product from the ground up. And that’s exactly what Battle has done, partnering with the black woman-owned LIPFETISH Cosmetics to create a bold collection of lip colors that will take any woman from work to play.
  2. HBCU Minority & Women Owned Small Business Partnership: This collaboration was almost a no-brainer for HBCU graduates Tiffany Battle and Quana Tribble, who not only share a bond through their sorority, but also in their passion and commitment to empowering women to embrace their authentic style and beauty and live their best lives.
  3. Satin Matte Finish That Doesn’t Dry Out the Lips Like Other Matte Liquid Lipsticks: What else can we say? There’s nothing worse than rocking a statement lip that makes your lips feel like you’ve just covered them in cement. Plus, it’s holiday season so we’ve got to be mistletoe ready, baby!
  4. Non-Toxic & Paraben Free Ingredients and Handmade in Small Batches: Parabens, the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics, are found in countless beauty products and over 80% of cosmetics. They are used to extend the product’s shelf life and stop bacteria, but research shows that they are harmful to our health and have been linked to breast cancer. Don’t fret, beauties. That’s not the case here because each tube of LIPFETISH is non-toxic and paraben free.
  5. The partnership Was a Result of ‘Using What You’ve Got to Get What You Want’ and Creating Our Own Opportunities: When you don’t see what you want in the marketplace and you have the resources to create it, don’t let anything stop you!

Ready to get your LIPFETISH “The Werk It! Collection” on now? Click here and don’t forget – after December 31st at 11:59 p.m. EST it’s a wrap, ladies. Looking for some style and #blackgirlmagic inspo? Click here to visit The Werk Place by Tiffany Battle because style is how you werk it!


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