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5 Biz Lessons from Polish Bar of Brooklyn

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As most of you already know, I’m a PR girl by day and blogger by night. What gratifies me most about my chosen career path is that one totally supports the other. In Her Shoes is all about shining light on fly female entrepreneurs and guess what? So is my PR consultancy, Crush Media. Most of my clients are either women-owned businesses or larger brands targeting one of the most powerful consumer segments on the planet – women, of course! Coincidence? I think not. Everything in this Universe happens in divine right order, but that’s another conversation for another blog post.

(L-R) Renae Bluitt: In Her Shoes & Crush Media, Trica Lee: Polish Bar of Brooklyn

Last Thursday evening I joined forces with Brooklyn’s beauty hot spot, Polish Bar of Brooklyn, to celebrate the brand’s FAB 5 anniversary. If you’re not based here in New York City but read the blog regularly, you may remember Tricia Lee from her Fly Female Entrepreneur interview back in early 2009 when Polish Bar of Brooklyn was still the new kid on the block. With nothing but love for my fellow boss ladies, helping Tricia Lee bring her brand to life for this unforgettable milestone was an amazing experience. The event was titled FAB 5 and if I say so myself, it definitely lived up to its name.

To commemorate this FAB 5 moment, I’d like to share with you five small business lessons I’ve learned from Polish Bar of Brooklyn over the years. Aspiring beautypreneurs, take notes!

1. Never underestimate the power of the pen – The fastest way to begin living out your dreams is really simple: write things down. This is a hugely powerful way to focus your attention, keep track of your progress, create a permanent record for the future, and get the ball rolling. If you think writing is a waste of time – be inspired by the fact that Tricia Lee jotted down her business ideas on paper first before she brought the Polish Bar of Brooklyn concept to life!

2. Know the market – Tricia Lee spent years working for MAC Cosmetics before she took the entrepreneurial plunge. In a recent interview with Coco & Creme, Lee shared the following: “I came from the number one beauty brand in the country. I was with MAC Cosmetics at a very influential time. When I started with them my checks were hand-signed by the president of the company and when I left the company it was a household name.”

3. Originality Rules! – While I’m sure it would have been easy to create another run of the mill nail salon, Tricia Lee opted for the road less traveled. Polish Bar of Brooklyn is the borough’s first beauty “bar” and provides clients with a top notch pampering experience like no other.

4. I Shine. You Shine. – Working with like-minded clients always makes your job in PR and events much more enjoyable. Like myself, Tricia Lee is also a huge advocate of shining light on women in business so many of our FAB 5 event partners and sponsors were owned by fly female entrepreneurs including: The Speakeasy, Jive Turkey, Joseph Tyler Salon, Goodie Box Bake Shop, and Ginger + Liz.

5. Raise your bar. Make mediocrity the enemy – Being mediocre will make your small business a so-so business. Being average is not enough; you need to be great – because if you don’t, your competitor will, and all of a sudden, your small business is being left behind, eating the dust. Since opening its doors in 2006, Polish Bar of Brooklyn has been committed to setting trends, not following them.

HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to support Polish Bar of Brooklyn and Crush Media for the FAB 5 soiree! To learn more about Polish Bar of Brooklyn click here and take a look at this awesome FAB 5 video created with help from the talented Miss Trizonna McClendon.

Following are a few of Polish Bar’s FAB 5 moments for your viewing pleasure. Memories captured by none other than Nik Wes Photography. Enjoy!

As a New York City storyteller, filmmaker, digital content creator, and PR strategist, Renae Bluitt created "In Her Shoes" to empower and enlighten women committed to realizing their dreams.

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