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Who is Alexandra Cespedes?

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Say it with me: Ms. Alexandra Cespedes. Have you heard the name? If not, keep your eyes open and ears to the ground, my friends. This emerging artist is quickly rising to the top and was recently interviewed by F.A.M.E. TV during her latest exhibit, produced by Coup d’etat Art Collective, at Tamboril Brooklyn:

A “true” triple threat (photographer, visual artist, and children’s wear designer), Alexandra is one of the most driven, talented, and might I add, professional artists I’ve met in a while!

In her own words:

“As a photographer my intention is to capture the moment, a person’s true self. Using my lenses to see inside them and explore their true beauty – whether that is in a moment of happiness, excitement, sadness, or contentment. I feel privileged when I take someone’s photograph, because in some way or another they’re letting me see a piece of their soul. I am stimulated every second of every day. My creativity is a reflection of my culture, my block, my friends, and loves. The city is constantly encouraging me to keep capturing its movements, lights, signs and sounds. They scream at me to be myself and express myself through art.”

Following are a few of my personal Alexandra Cespedes faves:

Subject: Alexandra Cespedes, Artist

Subject: Khayriyyah Muhammad, Model

Subject: TESS, Singer & Songwriter

For additional information on Alexandra Cespedes and Cespedes Studios please click here!

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