Top 5 Things I Learned About Caring For Curls from Ouidad

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This past Sunday afternoon I was invited to join a Google+ Hangout with Ouidad, “The Queen of Curl”, along with Ty Alexander of, Christina Patrice of, Evelyn Lugo of, Crystal Tate of and Andrea Kerbuski of Topic of the day? #Frizz101! While frizz is frowned upon by most women, I came into the conversation with a slightly different perspective. With a head full of fine hair, my approach to styling is “bigger = better” so I embrace frizz in moderation. As a seasoned curl expert and industry trailblazer, Ouidad set the record straight on how to fight frizz and properly pamper our curls.

I’ve been sans relaxer for over 10 years now so to be honest, I joined the discussion thinking I truly had it all figured out. Boy, was I wrong! Following are the top 5 things I learned about caring for multi-textured hair. Many thanks to Ouidad for sharing so much curly girl wisdom!

1. When conditioning your hair, do NOT apply product directly to the scalp because it weighs the hair down. Begin the application two inches away from the scalp. Focus on the ends, which are the oldest sections of your hair that need extra attention.

2. Do NOT use a towel to dry your hair after washing and conditioning. It’s damaging to your tresses and disrupts the cuticle layer while contributing to frizz.

3. It’s very important to style your hair immediately when it’s wet.

4. Kinky/curly hair may appear to be strong and tough but in reality, 90% of it is baby fine which is the most delicate texture to have.

5. Curly hair MUST be deep conditioned every two weeks. Curls are formed in a corkscrew shape and the cuticle layer is lifted, so we lose that internal connection to moisture, protein, amino acids and fatty tissue which can lead to dehydration.


Ouidad shared the three go-to products her curls can’t live without:

1. 12 Minute Deep Treatment

Ouidad Deep Treatment



2. Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

3. Styling Mist

Ouidad Styling Mist


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