The Ouidad Curl Immersion Experience + Lessons in Self-Care

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Just in time for the busiest season of the year, I sat down with Ouidad Ouidad, the “Queen of Curl” and beauty behind Ouidad, to chat about the power of self-care. When is the last time you penciled time into your calendar for YOU? So many women I know admit to not making time for themselves because they have other priorities to focus on like families and careers. But wait. What or who could be more of a priority in your life and your career than YOU? How can you fill someone else’s cup if yours is always empty? If we really think about it, we don’t have a business life and a personal life, we only have one life and it’s time we give it the very BEST version of ourselves.

Curl Immersion Group

The New Ouidad Curl Immersion Collection

Not only did I get blessed with Ouidad’s wisdom, I also got to experience the brand’s new Curl Immersion collection. Specially formulated for tighter curls and coils, these products were just what my dry tresses needed after the long, cold winter. Going from heated homes and offices to chilly temperatures for months at a time always wreacks havoc on my hair. I left the Ouidad flagship salon with an awesome cut and hydrated curls that had body and movement because they weren’t weighed down with heavy oils. Many, many thanks to Ouidad for taking time out of her day to chat with me, Ayanna for making me feel like a queen while transforming my curls, and Julia, founder of RED PR for making it all happen. Self-care is the best care. Check out my one-on-one with Ouidad below!

The Ouidad Curl Immersion Experience + Lessons in Self-Care from Renae Bluitt on Vimeo.

Ready to find out how Ouidad’s new Curl Immersion collection can transform your curls? Stay tuned for our special contest next week on Instagram! I’m partnering with the brand to give one New York City “goal digger” and #flyfemaleentrepreneur a chance to pamper her curls and enjoy a well-deserved afternoon of self-care, compliments of Ouidad and In Her Shoes. The winner will receive (1) Ouidad cut and style by use of the signature Carve and Slice cutting method for curly hair and Rake and Shake styling technique. In addition, the winner will also receive the new luxurious 3-step Express Hydration Treatment featuring a patented Ouidad massage technique meant to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth as well as rejuvenate curls.

Follow me on IG (@inhershoesblog) for more contest details next week!


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