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The UrbanWorld Film Festival kicks off today in New York City! To celebrate the occasion, I caught up with the spirited and so very talented, Cassie Freeman. You loved this Southern Belle in “Single Ladies” and in films like “Inside Man” alongside everyone’s favorite leading man, Denzel Washington, but today we’re chatting it up about her latest project appropriately titled “Somewhere in the Middle.” Ever meet someone, thought they were dope and wondered why it didn’t work out? Chances are, you’ve met them somewhere in the middle (of a breakup, financial challenge, health issue, you name it).  But without knowing where they’ve been or exactly where they’re going, you’ve made your own assumptions about why there wasn’t a love connection. Read on as Cassie tells us all about her latest project and why you need to come out to support the film tomorrow night at The UrbanWorld Film Festival!

In Her Shoes: In “Somewhere in the Middle” your character, Billie, finds herself in a very interesting love quadrangle. Was this your first time playing a role that involved love scenes with another woman? If so, what was this experience like for you?

Cassie: Yes, it was the first time. Billie is truly somewhere in middle of so many aspects of her life, including her sexuality. It’s interesting because they say that as an actress or actor, movies and TV shows come to you at the time when you need a spiritual exploration. During the shooting of this film, I was dealing with my own relationship that was falling apart. When I needed to be sweet to my husband or anyone else in the film for that matter, it was heavy – like I was lifting a car. This role was exactly what I needed.

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE Trailer from NY Independent Film Collective on Vimeo.

In Her Shoes: Is there a little bit of you in Billie?

Cassie: When I first read the script I was afraid and thought not to do it. Then because I felt that way I realized I needed to push past the fear and take on the role. Billie is inside of me but I repress that side of myself. I’m very open, loving and forgiving and Billie isn’t but I feel like she could be like a sister of mine, like I’m her shadow.

In Her Shoes: “Somewhere in the Middle” is showing during The UrbanWorld Film Festival tomorrow night here in New York City. Give me the top five reasons why we need to come out to support the film.


1. I feel like because of what Viola Davis just said the other nite at the Emmys, this is the time to truly act on that message. There are so many of our stories that need to be shared. Let’s get out and support each other!

2. The character I’m playing in this film is SO different. I don’t want to give away too much, but trust and believe that Billie is someone you should get to know.

3. If you’re a creative person in any realm, then this is a great movie to take a peek at. This film was put together through a year of improvisation. The New York Film Collective is doing something very unique where they’re using the same actors to create many different stories. It’s definitely something special to see.

4. If you’re single, it will make you feel good to know it’s not always your fault if it didn’t work out. There’s always “somewhere in the middle” to consider when you’re getting to know someone. If you loved “Single Ladies”, this one is for you!

5. When you attend The UrbanWorld Film Festival you’re surrounded by so many cool, creative and inspiring people of color. Each year, I make so many awesome connections at this festival. It’s something everyone should experience!

To learn more about Cassandre Freeman visit CassieFreeman.com. Want to check her out this weekend at The UrbanWorld Film Festival? Click here for tickets!

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