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By In Her Shoes Contributor: Kamari Guthrie

Black in America Part Two: The Black Woman and Family

Last summer CNN offered Americans an exclusive look into the lives of a people with history dating back hundreds of years in America in a special called “Black In America.” While many viewers looked forward to seeing the realities of Black Americans brought to life on the small screen, others expressed concern that the special only highlighted overarching issues without exposing all of the nuances of Black life. The result: “Black In America” will come back this July to investigate the black woman and family.

I appreciate CNN’s effort to allow Americans to walk through the life of another American in their shoes, however, it would be great to see them do this for all races and ethnicities. One thing I’ve learned from having bi-racial Barack Obama as president and exposing myself to an American experience beyond just being Black is that you can truly understand what being American is when you walk in someone else’s shoes!

So, be sure to check it out this time. And don’t hesitate to even write in with your opinions. Black in America Part Two: The Black Woman and Family airs July 22 and 23rd at 8pm on CNN.

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